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Millbottom Wedding Video + Photos • Alyson + Tyler

Millbottom Wedding Video + Photos • Alyson + Tyler


Are you going back and forth debating on hiring a videographer? Don’t worry..most couples do. It’s an added expense, but it’s totally worth it! Alyson and Tyler are a great example of why you should hire a videographer. You have to check out how their photos and videos turned out with Complete’s Photo & Video team. Finding a photographer and videographer that will bring out your unique personality can be challenging. Complete Wedding + Events makes it easy for couples to request cinematography professionals based on their online profiles. This way it ensures you will mesh well with your photographer and videographer to create the best photos possible, with your true personalities shining through. Here are some examples of why you should hire both a videographer and a photographer for your mid Missouri wedding.

Millbottom Wedding Video + Photos • Alyson + Tyler


If you were to ask brides what their #1 regret when wedding planning is, the majority would say not hiring a videographer. Video is the closest thing you can get to reliving your special day. There are aspects of a wedding day that simply cannot be captured in photos. Being able to hear the vows, toasts, and laughter is simply unmatched. There is a sense of joy that you will have when watching your wedding video. Your photos help capture the beauty of your day, while the video helps to capture the emotions of your day.

What is the purpose behind a highlight wedding video? If you are asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place! Details, memories, and moments…simply put, that’s why you need a highlight video. Your wedding day will go by SO fast and having a video of all the details of your decor, the memories or your Big Day and moments, like your grandparents dancing together….that’s priceless. Complete videographers are trained professionally and look out for the best details and moments to be captured for your video. Complete creates a space for videographers to be creative and make each wedding video unique! This why Complete videographers are so fun to work with! They love their job!


Photographers bring out the best in people! They want to bring out the best in each individual and showcase their personality through the photos. This is why photographers are some of the best people to work with! When thinking about hiring a photographer, imagine what you want your photos to look like! Light and airy, black and white, color schemes, are all things to consider when looking to hire a photographer.

The amazing aspect of hiring a professional photographer is that they have honed in on their skills! They have been creative and have tried new ways to make an image stand out. A professional knows what is going to work. These are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a photographer!



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