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How to Plan a Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Bridal Shower


Planning a bridal shower for the “bride-to-be” comes with excitement, and nerves. Friends and family have the opportunity to showcase their creative planning abilities and shower the bride with love! Pinterest does an incredible job of making a beautiful bridal shower seem easy to put together, but there are definitely a lot of details to consider. In this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know before planning a bridal shower!

How to Plan a Bridal Shower in St. Louis?


Select a Date, Time & Location

Have the crew in your corner help you pick a date, venue, and time frame! Here are some questions to ask the bride tribe; where do we want to hold the party? What is a good day/weekend for everyone that is also close to the wedding date? What time of day is best for everyone? All these questions will help you in the next step of sending out invites! The options are unlimited; brunch at your aunt’s house, lunch in a park, or happy hour at a cute new venue space in your area. Details first, pretty invites second!


Before picking a menu or choosing a theme, setting a budget will help you figure out what all you can include! Traditionally, the host pays for the shower, but be sure to stick to a budget. Even though we want to spoil the bride, you don’t need to go overboard to give her a great time!

Guest List

After you have figured out when and how much, it’s time to figure out the who! Start with the bride and her must invite list. Make sure you grab the addresses of all of the must invite list to start! A good size is about 25-50 guests, this can fit most spaces that showers are typically held. Everyone who is invited to the shower must be invited to a wedding!

Plan a Bridal Shower: Next Steps

Pick a Theme

This is arguably one of the best parts of the bridal shower! Think of something the bride enjoys, or something that could go with a name is always fun too! You can do a classic bridal shower, and the theme can be showering the bride. This gives you room to be creative if you want parts within the shower to be themed.

Send Invites

Once you have a timeline and the guest list filtered out, it’s time to invite! Create something simple and sweet, you want your guests to have all the details but not too wordy. Do this about six to eight weeks before the event. This time frame gives guests plenty of time to check their schedules, find a gift, or let you know if they can’t attend.

Secure Rentals

While you are creating your list of things to have at the party, make sure you know you can hire outside vendors for help. If this is the case, some of these vendors need a little bit of notice to fill the orders or reserve something for your date. Examples of this are catering, balloon decor, or cupcake desserts. Make sure to reach out to local vendors to make the party unique and well thought out!

Day-Of Set Up


This not only includes all the cute decor that you have planned but also another functional decor! This includes the table for gifts, box for cards, etc. This is a fun step and something you can do with the whole group. Make sure to delegate, someone in charge of table decor, dessert/food table, gift table, etc.

Pick Up Rentals

If there is a balloon garland, signs, flowers, today is the day to grab them! Have a helper! I can not stress this enough, it is much easier to have help. While you are at the location, set up, the helper can run any last-minute errands.

Set Up Food/Drink

This will be the last step because you want the food to be fresh, and the drinks to be bubbly! Do this so that when guests arrive, these treats are ready for the taking! Some fun drink ideas are mimosa bar, bloody mary bar, or create your punch! The ideas are limitless, and food and drink bring people together.

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