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Big Wedding vs Small Wedding

Is a Big or Small Wedding in Chicago Right for You? Pros and Cons to Consider


Deciding on a big wedding vs a small wedding is a difficult decision to make. Some brides envision a grand and lavish celebration, while others picture something more intimate. Chicago, known for its stunning architecture and vibrant culture, offers countless options for both. But which is right for you? In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of a big wedding vs a small wedding in Chicago, with a focus on cost and effort to plan.

Cost and Budget

The cost of a wedding is undoubtedly a major factor in deciding on its scale. A big wedding in Chicago comes with some undeniable advantages – more guests mean more gifts and possibly more financial contributions. However, they also come with more expenses. The bigger the guest list, the more expensive the venue, food, and drink options.

A smaller wedding may allow for more flexibility in terms of where you hold the ceremony and celebrations and can be more budget-friendly. You could opt for a unique space like one of Chicago’s many rooftops or trendy restaurants that don’t require a large budget.

Planning Effort

While a big wedding can be a spectacle, it can also be a logistical nightmare. A lot more planning and coordination with vendors and service providers are required when dealing with large events. There are also likely to be more expectations to live up to with a bigger wedding.

A smaller wedding can often be far easier to plan, and it allows for a much more personal touch. You could be highly involved in all aspects of planning or even put planning on autopilot by assigning tasks to your friends and family.

Intimacy and Relationships

One of the biggest upsides to a smaller wedding is the intimacy of the event. You’ll have the opportunity to truly spend quality time with all the guests in attendance. You also won’t have to worry too much about keeping everyone happy and engaged. You can have conversations that go beyond the basic “How do you know the couple?” A big wedding may allow for more energy and excitement, but it can come at the cost of intimacy. With so many guests, you might not have the chance to speak personally with everyone.

Chicago’s Venues

Chicago offers some of the most exquisite venues in the country, from historic ballrooms to trendy industrial spaces. For more intimate weddings, you might have more flexibility in terms of where to hold the celebrations. Smaller venues like museums, art galleries, and boutique hotels can set an intimate, romantic mood. They are also often more affordable on a smaller scale.

A larger wedding may require a grand ballroom or even a tent outside because smaller spaces cannot accommodate large groups. These venues are likely to be pricier and require more effort to plan and coordinate.

Big Wedding vs Small Wedding: What to Do?

Deciding on the size of your wedding will depend on many factors and personal preferences. A large wedding may come with high expectations and expenses but can create incredible and exciting memories. A small wedding, though, can be simpler, more cost-effective, and intimate, making for lasting memories with your closest friends and family members.

When it comes to planning your Chicago wedding, weigh the pros and cons, research venues, and talk to your partner about what appeals to each of you. In the end, choosing what is right for your relationship and future together is all that matters.

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