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Moissanite Engagement Ring

What is a Moissanite Engagement Ring?


The thought of engagement rings certainly gets you to think of diamonds. However, do you know there is something remarkably similar to this precious stone and equally special to fit such a momentous occasion? Well, there is, and its a moissanite engagement ring!

If you have never heard of a moissanite engagement ring, we’re here to shed some light on this precious and rare mineral about which the world has gone crazy.

Diamonds vs. Moissanite

While the moissanite engagement ring is quite similar to diamonds, a few differences make this piece of jewelry completely different and unique. 


Diamonds are chosen not only as engagement rings for their sparkly features but also for their extreme durability and ability to be worn daily. Although they can endure different kinds of wear and tear, it is worth knowing that they can still be damaged. However, they are not the only precious stones in this category of hard minerals.

A moissanite ring is also significantly durable, i.e., it is just behind the diamond. So, if you opt for this style, you’re choosing something very reliable for everyday use. 


The biggest difference between moissanite and diamonds is the price, considering that the former is much cheaper than the latter. However, the price of the moissanite ring rises when there is a larger carat weight in question. Nonetheless, this gem can be a perfect alternative if you want something to match your budget but still be brilliant and sparkly. 

Variations of Color Tones 

Moissanite and diamonds are quite similar at first sight, and this is due to their colorless appearance. However, depending on the manufacturer, moissanite can sometimes have a greenish or yellowish tint. On the other hand, the color of diamonds can vary significantly, going from clear to pink, blue, yellow, red, green, or brown. 

Has this helped you acknowledge the difference between a diamond and a moissanite engagement ring? We hope you will use this comparison to make an informed decision when getting the ring you desire! 

Where to Buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring in Charleston

Check out these local jewelers if you’re looking to purchase your own moissanite engagement ring for when you pop the question!

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