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A successful party is like an incredible vacation – fun, memorable, and worth all the planning! The DJ at your party? They’re like the vacation tour guide, setting the tone, catering to your needs, and keeping everyone entertained. While it’s true that both vacation and event planning require a fair share of prep work, the Complete Weddings + Events team makes it smooth and easy. Allow Complete to help you find the perfect Wedding DJs Charleston SC for your special event, so you’ll have more free time ahead of the party and time to relax and enjoy your planning efforts!








Hiring Wedding DJs Charleston SC

You’ll be faced with many great options when planning your big event. Deciding which color scheme, theme, and cuisine to use is half the fun of party planning! When it comes to finding an event DJ in Charleston, though, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully, we make it our mission to find special event DJs in Charleston who are experts at setting the mood. Whether you’re looking for a disc jockey who can keep folks grooving throughout the party or a professional who can maintain steady energy while folks mingle, we’ve got the perfect DJ for the job.

What are Your Options?

As you search for the right DJ for your event, it’s worth considering the things that matter most for your event. Are you hoping to hire someone who can emcee the party, making introductions and announcements throughout the event? Maybe your ideal candidate would be a master musician, willing to spin records and remix classics as they go. No matter your priorities, we’ve got the right all events DJ for you! Keep these questions in mind as you consider your options:

  • What vibe do you hope to create?

Good music sets the scene, playing off of your theme and decor to create a mood that inspires socializing, dancing and more. If you’ve got a specific tone for the event in mind, share it with your DJ. A corporate events DJ in Charleston will have different skills than a wedding and event DJ in Charleston, so it’s worth a conversation about your ideal soundtrack when interviewing candidates.

  • What experience does the DJ have?

The most seasoned DJs will have worked all kinds of special events, but experience doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. Rather than ask about years in the business, consider the background of the DJ you’re considering hiring. Their taste in music, experience at local events, and outlook on common challenges can reveal whether or not they’re a good fit for your party.

  • How does the DJ feel about song requests?

Some DJs don’t mind a song request or two, but others have policies against them entirely. If you feel strongly about allowing your guests the chance to request a song, be sure to ask about each Charleston DJ’s stance. If you have specific songs you know you’ll want to be played, create a list and share it with them. Conversely, if you have any songs you absolutely do not want to hear at your event, make sure you let the DJ know.

  • Who will work your party?

When you sit down with a DJ company to discuss options for your event, the person you meet with may not necessarily be the person who works the party. Clarify exactly who you can expect to attend and find out if they plan to bring along an assistant to help with set up or breakdown. It’s also a good idea to ask about what backup plan is in place in case the person manning your special event can’t make it.

  • What technical requirements do you need?

DJ equipment can sometimes be bulky, taking up serious square footage with lights and speakers. If your DJ needs space set aside to work in, ask about their precise needs. Details about electrical outlets, set up and breakdown procedures, arrival and departure times, and uniforms should all be considered when weighing your options. 


The Complete Weddings + Events Effect in Charleston

You’ve got a vision for your big event – bring it to life with Complete Weddings + Events! Our Charleston DJs have it all: experience, charisma, and talent make them the perfect addition to your party. With our team on the job, you won’t need to worry about minor details. We’re committed to creating the setup options, plans, and playlists necessary to ensure your event goes off without a hitch! 

The Complete Weddings + Events team is passionate about bringing parties to life. It’s why we’ve surrounded ourselves with so many wonderful professionals in Charleston! Regardless of your goals, we’ll find the right Charleston DJ to deliver the goods. Better yet, our team can have an on-site presence for your event, giving you the freedom to kick up your heels and enjoy the party while we attend to any details. In addition to our DJ services, we also offer photography, videography and photo booth rentals . There’s truly no limit to the support we can provide for your next event!


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