Couple after First Look One or Two Photographers?

One or Two Photographers?


One of the most frequent questions that we hear is, “do I need one or two photographers for my wedding day?” We believe that hiring two photographers is the best option to capture your Big Day. Pictures are a significant part of the wedding day, and one of the only ways to preserve those memories forever. Read below and see why we think having two photographers is key, and check out some examples of shoots we’ve done recently.

One or Two Photographers?

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Okay, so why should you hire two photographers on your wedding day? There are the obvious pros, like with two photographers you are typically receiving more photos, and you can have one photographer with you while the other photographer is with your fiancé. BUT, what some people don’t think of, is that you’re also getting the perspective of two different people. One photographer might see a specific moment best captured from distance, and the other photographer might see that same moment best captured up close. This will yield, unique shots from two different perspectives for the exact same moment. The best example I can give is at the ceremony. One photographer may head up into the balcony at the venue to get an “atmosphere” or aerial shot of the entire ceremony, while the other photographer is capturing a close up of you and your fiancé holding hands.



The next few points might seem like something small but can really help the big day go a lot more smoothly.

  1. If the couple is getting ready in different locations, a photographer will be able to be with each of you. Then you aren’t missing the final touches of getting ready! You will get more photos over this span of time because the photographer isn’t running back and forth from locations.
  2. Whether you are doing a first look before the wedding or waiting till you walk down the aisle, both reactions will be captured. Two photographers can get the reactions at the exact moment from the bride and the groom. This can go for other moments throughout the day as well!
  3.  If you have a big family, a big wedding party, or maybe just a little excited and talkative two photographers can help here too! One photographer gets set up for the shot, and the other will help set up the shot. This makes a more efficient family portrait or bridal party portrait shoot, so everyone can get to the reception sooner!

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