2022 Wedding Dress Trends

2022 Wedding Dress Trends


Looking for some wedding dress inspiration for this following year? 2022 has so many exciting new trends that it’s bringing into the wedding industry. Whether you’re the bride looking to make a statement or to go the more traditional and timeless round. The following wedding dress trends can be custom-made to your personal taste. Now let’s talk wedding fashion!


Corset Bodice

If you found yourself watching Bridgerton, it’s safe to assume that you also fell in love with the costumes on the show. The show brought back the joy of traditional features with a modern twist. It was only a matter of time before the show’s cottage core style made its way into the wedding industry. One of the most present features making its way into 2022 wedding dress trends is corsets. You’re going to see more dresses with this feature as it creates a flattering figure in whoever wears it. Variations of the trend include the corset embedded within the dress’s material. For the more daring bride, you can opt for a more visible lining of the corset that creates a more sultry look.


Statement Sleeves

Another trend we’re seeing take over wedding dresses is the statement sleeves. Whether it means a puffed sleeve or a fitted sleeve with a different texture from the rest of the dress. There are plenty of ways that this trend can make an appearance on your wedding day. There are many advantages to it. The biggest advantage is that it keeps you warm if you plan on having your wedding during the colder months.


Transitional Pieces

This is such a fun trend! Transitional pieces allow for so much more excitement on your wedding day. Example one touches on the previous trend: a statement sleeve, but you can detach them! So let’s say you love the grand look of the puffy sleeve, but can’t imagine wearing it all night! That’s exactly what these transitional pieces are for! To make a statement when you walk down the aisle. They also let you be comfortable enough to dance during your ceremony! Other detachable pieces include large bows that tie around the waist, statement skirts, capes, and the list goes on!


Shop Local in Central Illinois!

If you have no idea where to start looking, bridal shops are closer than you think. All of the dresses featured in this blog are in Central Illinois boutiques! Take a look at these local boutiques to get started choosing your wedding dress!

  • Simply Elegant: 2790 Woodlawn Rd, Lincoln, IL | 217.651.8282
  • Cloud Nine: 4711 N. University St, Peoria, IL | 309-693-3830
  • Adore Bridal: 120 W. Jefferson Street, Unit 12, Morton, IL | 309.291.0838

With all of these trends in mind, it’s easy to see why 2022 is going to be exciting in terms of the wedding fashion we’ll see! The combination of traditional and modern is only going to succeed with your spin on the trends! See you down the aisle!

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