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Dakotah C.

Dakotah, a native of South Louisiana, embodies a spirit of adventure that has propelled him into a myriad of thrilling experiences. From leaping out of planes to cliff diving, scuba diving, and mastering martial arts, his life has been a tapestry of excitement. Guided by his personal mantra, “I’m always down for an adventure,” Dakotah’s journey eventually led him to California, where he encountered a different kind of adventure that changed his life.

While in California, Dakotah delved into house repair and pest control, crossing paths with some notable celebrity personalities. Perhaps it was during this time that he felt the first stirrings of the “entertainment bug.” He bought his first camera while living out west and started capturing moments as a hobby. As his time in the The Golden State grew, he longed for something that felt more familiar to his upbringing. Subsequently, he returned to Louisiana, married his now-wife, and began planning to start a family. In 2020, their son arrived, ushering in a year spent indoors due to the lockdown. During this period, Dakotah seized the opportunity to venture into the world of a video game streaming, achieving notable success.

His curiosity and passion for photography blossomed as he delved his time as a video game content creator. Dakotah, leveraging the vast resources available on the internet, taught himself the intricacies of professional camera use. This newfound skill set paved the way for a pivotal chapter in his life.

Fast-forward a few years, he found that a local Entertainment Company (spoiler alert it was us!) was looking for new staff for the year. Dakotah came aboard our staff were he was thrown into training as a. During his first year, he was able to fine tune the craft capturing a wedding day through still photography, and also helped pave a new era of our photography department.

Recognizing the gravity of preserving a couple’s special day, given his own marital status, Dakotah approaches his work with a sense of duty. He understands that the footage and photographs he captures become integral parts of a couple’s memory, ensuring they can relive the story of their union.

His expertise extends to the nuanced moments of a wedding, with a particular fondness for capturing the magic during receptions and, more specifically, the conclusion of the night-the poignant exit. Dakotah’s talent lies not only in documenting events but also in forging meaningful connections with the couples he works with. His friendly demeanor transforms him into a cherished companion during the wedding day, going above and beyond to assist and create moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Here’s what our clients had to say about Dakotah:

“[Dakotah] was amazing and listened to all of my wants when it came to certain pictures I wanted to take. He was so patient with me and the pics came out great!!!
– Brooke P.

“We had Dakotah as our wedding photographer, and we could not have been happier! He was fantastic, capturing a ton of candid moments, and got the family pictures done in incredible time. Truly a pleasure to work with, and I would HIGHLY recommend! Thanks for such an easy and fabulous experience!”
– Michelle L.

“Dakotah was the best!! He made everyone comfortable taking pictures!!!
– Shelby D.



"Our Photographer, Dakotah was the best!! He made everyone comfortable taking pictures!!!"

- Shelby B.

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