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What to Wear for Engagement Photos in Baton Rouge


Engagement Photos in Baton Rouge should be an exciting, less dressy forerunner to your wedding day photos. But if you are stumped on what you should wear for the shoot, you are not alone! Your engagement photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to capture you and your future spouse’s relationship and personalities. Since these nostalgic photos will appear in many places during and after your wedding process (save-the-dates, wedding website, etc.), it is important to put together outfits that accurately show who you both are. Before you hit the mall or your closet, consider these 9 tips for choosing the perfect attire for engagement photos in Baton Rouge.

Gather inspiration from old photos

Browsing through old photos throughout the years can help garner some much-needed inspiration for your shoot. Pick out the best aspects of these throwbacks, like a pose you love, backdrop, or clothing, and create a mood board on Pinterest. This will be a good starting point in your planning process. Being able to see what worked and what didn’t will help guide you in the right direction.

Complement one another, but avoid matching

Utilizing matching patterns and prints is not ideal for portrait sessions. When you are brainstorming for what you and your partner will wear, decide on complementary colors and/or solid prints. Steer clear of looks that are too busy as it can turn into an unnecessary distraction in your pictures.

Wear clothes that express who you are

If you are the kind of couple that normally dresses casually, you may not want to dress to the nines. You both should feel comfortable in your outfits. You both should look your best while still maintaining your true image. Ensembles that are well out of a couple’s comfort zone will make you feel and look awkward.

Consider what season it is

Shorts won’t work for a winter engagement and sweaters won’t work for summer engagement photos in Baton Rouge. We recommend taking advantage of the season you are in by styling a look that is in tune with the locale and climate.

Spring and Summer

Baton Rouge natives are not foreign to the humidity and heat that the spring and summer months bring. You can channel summer vibes by going barefoot on a beach or sharing a snowball downtown on the levee in shorts and sandals. With flowers and love in full bloom, subtle floral prints and spring pastels can be your go-to.

Fall and Winter

Sweaters, jeans, and huddling for warmth make for sweet engagement shoots. Since we don’t get snow this far down south, we recommend wearing sweaters you can layer if need be. With the leaves changing and Christmas lights being hung, we recommend darker colors such as maroon or emerald or cool, neutral tones.

Consider cool, neutral tones and/or pastels

Avoid anything neon like the plague. You will, ultimately, look like a hot, blinking sign. Orange is also rarely a photogenic color and red is the color our eyes are most drawn to. You likely won’t want your shirt or skirt to be the main focus of your photo. Your faces and the love you share should be what sticks out most.

Utilize a color scheme

Once you have a general idea of what colors you want to wear for your shoot, it’s important to consider how these colors will translate throughout the album. Creating synergy rather than jumbled chaos for the final product is what you will want to strive for. For example, if you want to wear a lavender dress or jumpsuit for one outfit, have your spouse incorporate the same hue in a later look to tie everything together without being too matchy.

Classic vs. Trendy

You may be in love with that orange and white maxi dress now, but next year you may only be reminded of a traffic cone when you see your pictures. We recommend looks that will stay timeless instead of outfits that could make your shoot look dated later on.

Stick to two outfits per person

It’s easy to fall victim to treating your engagement shoot as a full-blown fashion show. You will have more than enough wedding day photos where you and your partner are done up. Engagement photos are where you get to remember who you both are at the end of the day. Two outfits will be more than enough to showcase this in couples and you won’t spend your whole session in a rush to change.

Accessories, accessories, accessories

Accessories like chunky necklaces or a stylish hat can bring something extra to your look. Plus, they are easy to slip on and off leading to a variety of different looks. Adding and removing at least one accessory per outfit for women and layering clothing for the guys are two things that photograph really well because of added visual interest.

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