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Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save?

Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save?


You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day and what it might look like forever. What you haven’t been dreaming of is the cost to get everything you want within your wedding planning. Your wedding day will likely be one of the most expensive days in your lifetime and with that comes lots of pressure and uncertainty around what you should spend money on and what you should save money on. You should ask yourself what aspects of your wedding are most important.

If something isn’t super important to you or if you don’t think it will impact your guests or the day, then that’s a good place to start saving. It’s all ultimately up to you, but we have a few suggestions to help get you started on your Wedding Planning Budget! This list is based on answers from peers and past clients.

Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save?

Photographer/Videographer – Wedding Planning Budget SPLURGE

Pictures and videos are crucial because they’re the only thing you will have to truly look back on. Therefore, you will want to hire a professional to make sure you will be satisfied with your photos and videos. It may be tempting to get your friend or cousin to take pictures with their nice camera for free, but investing in a professional can be the difference between pictures you will love to look back on and one’s you will keep in a box in the attic.

Wedding Favors – SAVE

Wedding favors are easily another thing that will ultimately end up in the trash. Your guests may not be interested in what you decide to give or they could forget to even take it home at all. It is not beneficial to spend lots of money on wedding favors that you don’t even know if your guests will even use or like.

The Venue – SPLURGE

Your venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. It will set the theme, tone, and style to your entire day. You will definitely not regret getting married at a venue that feels dreamy and that made all of your photos and videos look amazing. However, we don’t recommend overpaying for a venue. There should be value in what you are getting with it as well.

Invitations – SAVE

We bet if you think back to all of the past weddings you have attended, you will not remember the invitation you received. You likely did not even care what it looked like as long as you could make out the date, time, and place. So we recommend you save on fancy gold foil or letter-pressed invitations. Let’s be honest, your guests will probably look at them and throw them away not long after.

Chairs and Linens – SPLURGE

One of the biggest visual focal points in your ceremony or reception site will always be the plethora of chairs and tables. Even with other decor or florals, the chairs will always stand out and the wrong chairs can definitely throw off your aesthetic. It may sound silly, but deciding on nicer chairs is a simple decision that can really make a difference in the appeal of your wedding day. Also, making a slight upgrade to some floor-length linens for your tables will really make your reception space look more formal. Short linens expose the legs of the tables, which can draw your eye, especially in pictures.

Bridesmaids Proposal – SAVE

In today’s world, “proposing” to your bridesmaids is very trendy. You are excited and, in those beginning stages of planning, you think you have the kind of money to spend on them. However later on, you will wish you had saved that money to put towards something more important. There are still plenty of cost-effective ways to ask your girls, or guys, to be in your wedding party without breaking the bank. You will be gifting them again on your wedding day anyhow!


Providing an open bar at your wedding will make your guests all the happier and looser, which ultimately leads to more fun, silly moments. It is a real crowd-pleaser. In addition, if you decide on an open bar, you may want to consider upgrading to premium liquor. This is another change that adds an elegant touch and leaves your guests satisfied and impressed.

Signs – SAVE 

Everyone and their mother is familiar with the ever-trendy “Welcome” signs that are placed in the entryway of the ceremony site. But is it necessary? Your guests already know they are welcome and they likely won’t even notice or care about the sign. If you are, however, insistent on a sign for any reason, you can find affordable and customizable signs on etsy. Be mindful though, that you will have to pay for an easel to put it on. And most of the pictures of welcome signs you have pinned on your pinterest page have greenery and florals draped over them, which is yet another expense to add for such a small detail that is not essential.


What do you think of when you think of any wedding reception ever? DANCING! The music and dancing make your event fun and memorable. We promise your guests will remember the dancing with family and friends way more than that “Welcome” sign. Invest in a professional DJ or band to keep your party lively. 

It is so easy to get sucked into the little details of planning your wedding, but when you are feeling overwhelmed with numbers and budget details, try to remember what actually matters to you. You got this! And be sure to consider Complete Weddings + Events for your photo, video, DJ, or photo booth needs!

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