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Crafting Memorable Wedding Videos: The Importance of High-Quality Audio

Crafting Memorable Wedding Videos: The Importance of High-Quality Audio


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s important to capture all the special moments to cherish for years to come. While photos are a great way to capture the essence of the day, there’s nothing quite like well-crafted wedding films that tell the story of your special day. However, people who don’t work in our industry may overlook the importance of high-quality audio in wedding videos.

At Complete Weddings + Events Baton Rouge, our videographers recognize the significance of capturing pristine audio throughout your wedding day. From heartfelt letter readings to moving vows and speeches, these moments are the building blocks of your video’s narrative. Not only do clean audio recordings infuse your video with personal touches, but they also offer viewers a window into the intimate moments preceding the ceremony.

So, how do we ensure we capture every word, every emotion, with utmost clarity?

Lav Mics:

We employ discreet lavalier microphones on grooms, fathers, or anyone wearing a jacket where we can discreetly conceal a wire inside the pocket. These mics are perfect for capturing intimate moments like first looks, letter readings, and the officiant’s voice during the ceremony.

Wireless Microphone:

For participants whose attire doesn’t accommodate a hidden battery pack and wire, we utilize wireless microphones. Typically used during speeches or officiating, these mics ensure clear audio without compromising comfort.

Wild Audio Mic:

In settings like churches or venues with podium speeches, we utilize wild audio mics to capture ambient sounds without the need for wires. These devices seamlessly integrate into the surroundings, preserving the authenticity of the moment.

Board Audio Device

To capture good audio from your DJ’s system, we connect to their setup with specialized board audio devices. This, combined with ambient sounds captured by wild mics, creates a rich soundscape for your reception highlight video.

Our Biggest Piece of Advice Regarding Pre-Ceremony Audio

During the “prep” section of the day, we typically don’t capture much audio, as many of our shots are in slow motion to imbue the getting-ready clips with elegance. However, one of the most emotionally resonant moments we capture is the exchange of letters between the couple before the ceremony. We encourage couples to read their own letters aloud, adding a deeply personal touch to the video.

Our editors adeptly incorporate these readings as voiceovers, complementing visuals of the other partner’s preparations. This allows you to address your spouse within the voiceover, offering a glimpse into what they were doing leading up to either A) your first look or B) the first time you see each other during the ceremony.

What About Music For My Highlight Video?

All the audio-capturing methods mentioned above are taken into account when creating your highlight video, but what about music? Your wedding ceremony and reception videos will be crafted using audio streams captured on the day, covering the music played during your nuptials and reception celebration.

We pay close attention to your musical preferences when crafting your highlight video. By considering your choices for processional and first dance songs, we ensure that the music reflects your unique style and enhances the overall mood of the video. With access to a diverse library of songs, including premium options for well-known tracks, we customize the soundtrack to capture the essence of your special day.

Essentially, your wedding video transcends mere recording; it’s a storytelling process with multiple layers. With our commitment to meticulous attention to detail, from capturing intimate moments to selecting the perfect soundtrack, we strive to create a timeless memory that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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