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Planning Your Wedding Reception Music in Austin TX

Planning Your Wedding Reception Music in Austin TX


There are a million parts to a wedding that must be planned with the utmost care. From the dress and the flowers down to the seating arrangements and the choice of wines. One of the most entertaining, but not always talked about parts of that planning is the wedding reception music. Planning what music you will dance to at your reception as well as the playlist for the whole night is more than just giving a DJ a list of your favorite hits.

Why Is You Wedding Reception Music So Important?

The wedding reception music that you choose will set the tone for the evening. It is a reflection of you and your spouse’s taste and inner feelings. While many of the songs may give the feeling for the romance of forever love, at some point you will eventually want to get everyone up and dancing. The choice of music for your reception can add sophistication or it can ramp up the energy.

Make Your Reception An Event To Remember

There are a lot of ways to make your wedding reception memorable. You can customize it with special colors, attractive dining options, a live performance, or any other number of dazzling options. Your music is another way to create a certain mood that your guest will remember for years to come. You can hire a DJ, a live band, or even do both to entertain your guest from the moment they arrive, until the moment you cut the care as husband and wife. Your music masters will handle most of the hard work, but it is a good idea to give them a list of songs, or a direction about the mood you want to create.

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception Music For Each Moment

Your music should be perfect when you are first introduced to your guest as a married unit. You may choose to enter with grace, or you might want to make an entrance with flair. Just make sure that your entrance and your background music reflect your personality and your culture. There is no reason to stick to old fashioned songs if your styles are modern. If you love classical music, there is also no reason to pick a trending bop. Your love story is one of a kind and your reception playlist should match that same energy.

Choosing a Great Song for the First Dance

The first dance of the married couple should be set to a song that has special meaning. If there are none that you have in mind, you can ask for suggestions from your family or friends. It should be full of love and meaning, but avoid anything overly vulgar. Depending on your attire, you may want something sweet and slow, or fast and fun.

Choosing a Great Song for the Father /Daughter – Mother/Son Dance

The father and daughter portion of the dance is generally very emotional. The song should be sweet and uplifting, and it is also generally slow. If there are special songs from childhood that would be wedding appropriate, they would be a perfect choice for this part of the reception. The same goes for the groom and mother portions of the reception. The song chosen should be upbeat but full love and happiness. Though the parents are giving their children over to their new lives, the moment is bittersweet and the music should reflect this.

Encourage Your Guest To Shake A Leg

Once the special dances are out of the way, couples will enjoy watching their guests dance and grove in celebration of their nuptials. Think about your guest, your personality, and even the venue when choosing your group playlists. Make sure to have a mix of slow jams along with more fast-paced music for the more serious dancers. If you plan to allow children at your reception, it might be a good idea to set aside a couple of sets of songs that they will enjoy. These can be played early in the evening so they can burn energy, or even between meal times to keep them occupied. Your list of songs should appeal to the crowd while also reflecting your personal taste.

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