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Genuine Joy


Podcast Episode 4: Genuine Joy

Our Mission At Complete Weddings + Events

The mission is described by Webster’s in a few different ways: a specific task with which a person or group is charged, a definite military action, a flight operation of an aircraft or spacecraft, or in what we’re going to talk more about, in the pre-established and often self-imposed objective or purpose, often in a company’s mission.

Hello! This is Kevin Paladino and I’m back with the next episode in our little series and today we’re going to talk about our mission and just cause. If you are not familiar with just cause, it’s a phrase that is used by Simon Sinek, most recently in his book ‘The Infinite Game.’ If you have not read that, I highly encourage you to. It came out in October 2019 and in that book, Simon defines just cause as “what gives our work, or that of an organization, meaning.

It is the world we hope to build and what inspires us to keep playing the Infinite Game. Just cause must be for something affirmative and optimistic and inclusive which is open for all to contribute.” This phrase, just causes, and thinking about mission has really made an impact on me as a leader of Complete Weddings and Events which is transposed into a statement which I will share. “Complete provides extraordinary special event services that deliver genuine joy for generations to come.” Now, I know there are a bunch of words there, but it helps describe what our true purpose is and this genuine joy that we are striving to deliver.

Illustrating Genuine Joy

I want to give you a couple of illustrations today to help you understand more about that for us and also for me as the guy that this is coming from. So, close your eyes for me (if you’re driving, please don’t close your eyes), but I want you just to close your eyes and envision that you’re witnessing a father and a daughter walking down the aisle during a wedding ceremony. Now, I know you might have been to a wedding recently or maybe you have your own experience and probably already know where I’m going with this. Then, can you see the smile on the bride’s face, maybe even some tears? And the father (oh boy, it’s a big day for this guy), most likely tears, but probably a smile as well.

Do you have goosebumps?

I’m sure you do or maybe they’re growing right now. If you don’t, I would question if you have a pulse! Okay, you can open your eyes. This moment, this is the kind of genuine joy that Complete as an organization and the people involved in it are passionate about being a part of and delivering for generations to come. My family and I have memorialized this joy, this moment in time that our talented wedding photographers captured as some images in our home that we get to relive all the time. It’s actually a big part of our story and our legacy.

Why We Chose The Words Genuine Joy

Genuine joy – we chose those words because we know that that’s what we’re shooting for, but sometimes it’s hard to articulate, even though we can provide a Webster’s definition for genuine and a Webster’s definition for joy. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to describe because it’s easier to see and feel, isn’t it? I’m going to give you one other illustration today and again, I’m a big story guy and I prepared you for that when I launched the podcast a few weeks ago. In this illustration, you can keep your eyes open, although if you need a break and want to close your eyes, you can do that as well. Listening to the sultry sound of my voice, right?

Challenged My Son

So, a few years ago I challenged my son, Cameron (at the time he was 13 years old), to run the rim to rim to rim (you may be thinking that was a stutter, it wasn’t). There’s actually a trail and it’s on any ultra-runner’s Bucket List of goals. It’s a trail that runs from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim and when you do that round trip, it’s 47.5 miles. Yes, so I challenged my son who at the time was 13 to train with me over about 9 months for this. Now, before you judge me for having my 13-year-old son attempt this and you’re thinking “what the heck, dude?! You’re going to hurt him!” remember, I do have a coaching background and he had a growth spurt very early.

So, I developed a periodized training plan which is, basically, a very structured, scientific way to apply stresses and volume and intensity on and off and looking for lots of recovery and milestones and did assessments. I was all over Cameron in the midst of this and training with him so I could tell if he was hurting or not. But, I’ve got to tell you, he did really well and for not really being interested in running and doing this with his dad, he came out a champion and yes, if he ever gets to hear this, he’s my hero.

The guy is an awesome endurance athlete. So, in all truth, my primary goal was just to spend time with my son and create a wonderful memory. The secondary was to complete the journey in under 24 hours. Now, during the time he was 13 years old and anybody who has gone through the teenage years, it’s just hard. So, I just wanted to create a margin for my son and me to spend some time together and journey together, sharing stories. Me, being an active guy, as I have already shared, physically, it was important for us to do something like that together and instill that into my son. Some life lessons were definitely passed on to Cameron.

Lesson Learned

A few of those lessons were; perseverance, discipline, patience, love, how to keep going when things get really hard and uncomfortable, how to eat sports gels for hours on end, and how to find comfort in discomfort. The joy, the genuine joy that I experienced and I know Cameron did as well during all those runs in the hills around Austin. Hours of conversations we shared while training about our dreams, our goals, what we felt like life was meant for us and what we’re supposed to do, the real struggle of life, the disappointments, the failures, the success. And then the journey across the Grand Canyon and back, it was joy, joy, joy. It was really never about the destination, although goals are really important because they help us drive forward. It was truly about the journey and the bond I had the opportunity to create in the process. So, are you dying to know how the Grand Canyon went? Yes, we completed 23.5 hours under our own power, self-supported, lots of hiking towards the end. Oh, the pain. Oh, the views. Oh, the journey. It was truly priceless.

Executing The Mission Of Genuine Joy

So, some more insight today into the man, Kevin Paladino (also known as Papa Val if you didn’t know). Please hear me on this, our mission at Complete to “provide extraordinary special event services that deliver genuine joy for generations to come” are not just some words in a handbook (although they are in some books and handbooks) or on a plaque (we don’t have a plaque now, but maybe we will) or maybe at some point a phrase on the wall (which we don’t have, but maybe we will), it’s essential to who we are and the kind of organization that Complete is and will continue to strive to be.

Again, this is Kevin Paladino, the owner of Complete Weddings and Events in central Texas. A sincere thank you and appreciation for taking just a few moments to listen in on this podcast series. Make sure you continue to tune in. Next week we’re going to share some informative ways, ideas, do-it-yourself things for weddings that you might find interesting. Until then, be safe out there and we will see you next time!

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