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Planning a Backyard Wedding in New Mexico


Having a backyard wedding seems ideal. Think of all the money you’ll save! However, before committing to a backyard wedding, here are five pitfalls to avoid for the perfect wedding day in the backyard.

Planning a Backyard Wedding in New Mexico

When you Gotta Go…

It seems that during COVID especially, standing in line is a way of life. According to Complete Weddings + Events Coordinator Courtney Faye, however, a long line has no place at your wedding. “A lot of homes only have one or two bathrooms and with 50 guests that can make for a really long line,” said Courtney. “Instead, you can rent a restroom trailer that can be delivered.”

Speaking of Clean Up

“Also,” said Courtney. “Paying your décor rental company the extra fee for ‘set-up’ and ‘clean up’ is well worth it.” Cleaning up rented décor items like linens, centerpieces, tables, and chairs is hard work. And who wants to spend time at midnight after a great party cleaning up after everyone?

I’ve got the Power

Do you have the power? Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen some things at Complete Weddings and Events. Like a row of slow cookers in the kitchen brought in by your DIY catering company (friends and family). Predictably, if you haven’t planned your power needs, you’re bound to experience a tripped breaker followed by a frantic search for the homeowner. Consider renting a generator. Most tent companies have different sizes and types to choose from depending on which vendors need to plug in.

Be Sure to Cover-up

During the heat of the day, a tent protects your guests and your vendors (not to mention their equipment) from the sun. At night, a few well-placed propane heaters can even help to keep your guests comfortable. Many tent companies will even let you put a tent on hold until a week or so before the wedding when the weather forecast is published. Have you ever been to a backyard party when it started to rain? It’s in-tents. 🙂

Did you know you can’t run through a backyard wedding? You can only “ran” Because it’s past tents. Well, at least one tent.

Backyards can be Paw-friendly, However…

Your furry friends don’t typically get invited to the reception in the hotel ballroom. But anything goes in a backyard! “Include anything sentimental like pets,” said Courtney. But be warned, she said. She’s not necessarily talking about including your pets in the ceremony. “A lot of dogs aren’t trained quite well enough,” said Courtney. “One time I saw a teacup pig in a wedding. It was pretty cool. He was supposed to be the ring bearer, but it didn’t really work out. He wouldn’t come down the aisle.” So, said Courtney, maybe just plan on including your pets in the group photos.

Let’s Chat!

No matter your comfort level, it’s a good idea to schedule an onsite visit with your vendors at least 30 days before your backyard wedding. With Complete Weddings + Events, a site visit is included in every package. Invite us over, and we’ll help you make sure your event goes smoothly and according to your plan!

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Author: Justin Johnson

Photographer: Kate Duran

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