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5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

15 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid


We know. It’s not like you haven’t had enough to worry about over the last 14 months. But especially with everything happening in the world, we want to help you minimize the stress of planning a wedding as much as possible. That way, come wedding day, you can focus on celebrating this next step in your journey together! Here are 15 wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

15 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Blow Off Your Wedding Budget

We like to say, “It’s really about the marriage that follows.” It’s a funny thing for a wedding vendor to say, we know. But how excited can you be, really, if the new debt you’ve just agreed to lingers in the back of your mind during your reception? Instead, take your time. Research and ask a lot of questions of prospective vendors and of each other. Invest in the services that are essentials (needs) for you and be willing to scale back on or even let go of the non-essentials (wants).

Overlooking the Marriage License

Some couples have treated it as an afterthought, but remember that you need a marriage license to actually be married. In New Mexico, you shouldn’t get your license too soon or too late. Double-check with your county court, but thirty days out should be a good time. Then make sure you delegate the safe-keeping of your signed license on your wedding day. Usually, the officiant can help with that.

Deciding on one flower type before talking to a florist

Instead, first let a florist give you suggestions based on your wedding date, favorite colors, and budget.

Let others choose your wedding party members

Remember that it’s your wedding and you shouldn’t feel pressured about any of the choices you make.

Underestimating the cost of your wedding gown

The price isn’t the only price. Consider tax, shipping, alterations, undergarments, hair accessories, shoes, and jewelry.

Booking hotel rooms too late

When you’ve got guests coming in from out of town, remember to reach out to some hotels six to eight months before the wedding day. Reserving a block of rooms doesn’t mean you’re paying for them, but gives your guests a window of time to pay for the room themselves.

Skipping the videographer

It’s not just about the images. It’s about the audio, as well. For more, check out this article.

Underpaying on invitation postage

The postal service charges differently for square invitations. Get the cost for one before ordering a roll of stamps.

Waiting too long to order the gown

If you’re not ordering off the rack at a local bridal boutique, be sure to allow time for something to go wrong. The color, the fit, the design, and the delivery are all things that could cause even more stress if you’re under a time crunch.

Inviting too many guests

The traditional number is 20%. 20% of the guests you invite won’t come. But this is New Mexico. 20% will tell you they can’t attend. 20% won’t RSVP, but they will show up. And bring cousins! For my wedding, I actually called and spoke to everyone on our list two weeks before the wedding just to be sure.

Micro-managing your vendors

If you’ve taken the time to choose vendors with a track record that you like working with, get all of your questions out of the way before the week of the wedding then let them take care of you.

Not asking enough questions

Speaking of questions, remember not to assume anything. We try to remember that so we actually appreciate lots of questions. We know you’re not at a wedding every weekend like we are.

Hiring a friend

It’s nice of them to offer, but would you rather be worried about their performance (and the effect it may have on your friendship) or simply enjoying their company as a guest at your wedding?

Trying to go it alone

On the other hand, there are some things you can delegate. Like keeping track of the guest book or bringing out the sparklers, lighters, and bucket of sand for the send-off at the end of the evening.

You DIY yourself to death

There should be a healthy balance between creating some fun memories with friends and family and stressing yourself (and everyone else) out. Take, for example, the centerpieces. First, do you really need them? Second, are you sure those flowers will still look fresh on the wedding day? Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional to take care of it. I remember one couple that wanted a Disney-themed wedding and had a specific idea of how they wanted their centerpieces to look. They asked for help putting them together, but they made a part of it. And they kept the design very simple. They told me everyone had a great time and they got the centerpieces they wanted.

There are dozens of more things that could go wrong so please reach out to us anytime you feel that pinch of doubt creeping in. We’re happy to chat about it. And remember that something will go wrong, but in the long run, it’s not really about the wedding day. It is about the marriage afterward.

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