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The Capital Region is home to many talented photographers, but one that stands out is our very own Signature Photographer David. Dave is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He specializes in portrait and wedding photography, and his work has been featured in local and national publications.

Dave’s passion for photography started at a young age when he would take pictures of his family and friends with his disposable camera. As he grew older, his love for the art form only grew stronger, and he decided to pursue a career in photography.

Dave well-known for his event photography here at Complete Weddings + Events. He has covered weddings, fundraisers, and even corporate events. His ability to capture the energy and emotion of these events has made him a popular choice among event planners and organizers.

Dave’s photography style is characterized by his use of natural light and his ability to put his subjects at ease. He believes that the best photographs come from a relaxed and comfortable subject, and he works hard to make sure his clients feel at ease during their photo shoots. Dave also is excellent in capturing what we at Complete love and that’s candid pictures. Capturing those precious moments allows our couples to see moments of there day that would otherwise be missed.

Despite his success, Dave remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to explore new techniques and styles to improve his work and deliver the best possible results to his couples. He recently won our Best of 2023 Photographer of the Year award for outstanding work and client appreciation.

Dave is a talented photographer and a valued member of our team. His passion for photography, combined with his technical skills and natural talent, have made him a sought-after photographer here at Complete Weddings + Events. Whether it’s capturing a special moment between loved ones or documenting a major event, Dave has the skills and expertise to deliver stunning photographs that will be treasured for years to come.


Here is what our couples are saying:

10/10 “Everything was amazing! DJ Josh, Photographer Dave and Photobooth Elijah made the wedding awesome!! Could not have asked for better!” Sue H.

10/10 “How friendly the dj and photographer was, and how well the handled everything. The dj Josh literally hit every single mark we were hoping that he would didn’t miss a beat. And Dave really went crazy making sure he got every angle he could.´” Michael F.

10/10 “Everyone was so accommodating and patient. Our videographer (Prince) was so great. We only had him for a limited time but he made sure to get all of the shots he needed and we wanted. He made sure we got what we needed in the time frame as well (I.e. us eating dinner). Our photographer (Dave) was amazing as always. He has the greatest eye for detail and he takes all suggestions into account as well. Our DJ (Sari Sparks) was took everything into account for us, played all of the music we wanted, and made sure to keep everyone up and dancing!” – Tierra M.

10/10 ” Logan, David, Elijah and Prince were so professional and thoughtful. Absolutely amazing to work with. Would recommend 10/10” – Ginger W.

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