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Complete Wedding + Events videographers capture unique stories and film amazing weddings in Tyler, TX. We have been trusted by more brides than any other wedding videographers in Tyler, TX.

We take pride in our Tyler wedding videographer’s artistic storytelling skills and ability to capture the emotion of once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll be able to cherish forever in vivid, high-definition video.

Hire The Best Wedding Videographers in Tyler, TX to Capture Your Big Day

The documentation of your wedding day through video is a treasured keepsake that captures the happiness of one of the most special days of your life. While photography is certainly important, professional videography services offer the ability to capture the raw emotion of the occasion that still photos may not be able to fully convey.

Complete Weddings + Events has been serving couples in the Tyler, TX area for over 40 years. We have found that even after many years have passed, our clients continue to cherish their high-quality wedding videos. Unfortunately, we often hear from couples who did not hire a videographer for their Tyler, Texas wedding that they now regret not having a wedding video.

Should you hire a wedding videographer?

Envision the ability to not only see but also hear your heartfelt vows to one another and to relive every moment of your wedding day each year on your anniversary. Furthermore, you can also relive your wedding day and share this treasured video with future generations, such as nieces, nephews, and children. Reliving speeches or seeing loved ones who have since passed, smiling and dancing, can be a powerful and memorable experience for everyone involved.

The world of wedding videography has come a long way and continues to evolve with time. At Complete Weddings + Events, we firmly believe that hiring an affordable wedding videographer in Tyler, TX is an absolute necessity for your special day.

Event and Wedding Videography Tyler, TX

At Complete Weddings + Events, we make it our mission to eliminate stress by being as helpful as possible while documenting your day. Our event and wedding videographers based in Tyler, TX are frequently complimented for their ability to hang back and capture the raw emotion of the day. Our artists behind the camera are friendly and fun to be around while also maintaining their professionalism. They have an eye for capturing moments best for high-quality videos others do not see.

Highlight Film

These are the best moments of your whole event set to music and include vows and toasts. We make sure we capture everything, including the small details, so you remember all the best moments.

Optional Aerial Drone Footage

With a view from the sky, you can see your event from a whole new perspective. Our videography team is equipped and ready to get you a view that you will love.

Optional Second Videographer

While one videographer is good, two are better! As a person can only be in one place at a time, with two people capturing your event, you can be sure that you will never miss a special moment!

Why Work With Complete Weddings + Events?

The quality of videography services is largely dependent on the skills of the event videographer. We strongly recommend conducting thorough research and reviewing the portfolios of several videographers to make an informed decision. Take the time to consider what is important to you:

  • Does their storytelling style resonate with you?
  • Are you looking for a mix of action shots and still photos?
  • What are your preferences for music and lighting?
  • Do their examples capture your attention and immerse you in the moment?

These factors can help you determine whether a particular videographer is a right fit for your needs. Attention to detail is another important trait that distinguishes exceptional videographers from the rest.

Photography and Videography Packages

Complete Weddings + Events is here to make planning and building the perfect wedding videography and photography package. We work through all of the details and customize a package to capture exactly what you’re looking for.

Our videographers will work closely with your photographer on the big day to ensure all the filming is completed efficiently, and your cinematography team isn’t having to pose you and your wedding party twice to capture the same moment.

Your Complete Weddings + Events videographer is in your corner; they’ll be able to help you with anything you might need (even outside their videographer duties – things happen!), and they are there to make sure the day is as enjoyable and simple as possible!

Is Videography Worth It For A Wedding?

Wedding videography has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. While wedding photography captures still images of the special day, wedding videography provides a more immersive and emotional experience for the couple and their families to cherish for years to come.

Advantages of Wedding Videography

  • Captures the essence of the day’s events
  • Tells the couple’s unique love story
  • Records vows, toasts, and laughter
  • Captures expressions, movements, and emotions
  • Provides a more dynamic and emotional portrayal of the special day

Wedding Videography Tyler, TX – Complete Weddings + Events

We are always open to listening to your ideas for your special day in Tyler, Texas, and offer customizable options! Since we offer photography as well, bundling photography and videography is a great way to create an affordable package for your day. With only one contact person and the simple coordination of working with our entire Complete Weddings + Events team, bundling services with Complete makes event planning that much easier!

Contact us to begin creating your videography, photography, DJ, lighting, or photo booth package today!

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"The videographer was a joy to have, and very sweet. She was always there to capture the moment, every time I looked up wondering if she had caught that, she did."

- Amanda J.

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