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Epic Wedding Reception

Epic Wedding Reception


Stress is a choice.

I said it, you probably want to throw your computer right now (calm down ‘zilla). There are so many things about weddings that stress us out. Feeling anxious? Worried you might forget something? Will so and so show up? Why do we put ourselves through all of this? (I’ll get to this later). So many things stress us out leading up to the biggest day of our lives, but do they have to? A couple things to remember as you head into the chaos:


  1.       There’s beauty in the imperfect: Your day will be your day. No one can take that away from you and your partner. Take it all as it comes and let go, choose to smile, and be grateful for the glorious gift of love. On my wedding our venue lost power for over an hour and a motorcyclist bumped into our car and tried demanding we pay for his beat up bike. Each incident we smiled and held hands a little bit tighter.
  2.       Choose awesome vendors: As I get older (I’m freaking 32 now!!!) the more I realize how valuable and rare, awesome people are. Also, I don’t know what it is about the wedding industry that attracts very selfish people. Pay attention to the vendors who are more interested in your experience than the latest trend or gadget. If photography was only about the camera, you could hire my 5 year old niece (she’s super adorable btw). Or if DJing was only about music you could just bring a smart phone (don’t do it). The truth is, you’re not buying/renting photos, or speakers, or a video camera. You’re buying an experience.

So quit the whole stress charade; it’s just your response to chaos. Take a deep breath, accept the imperfections and choose the right vendors who are awesome.

So why do we put ourselves through all this again? Because it’s an epic day where we feel all the feels. That’s why.


-Dane Peterson, Complete Weddings + Events


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