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Tyler, TX
Bridal Portrait Tips for Complete Weddings + Events Tyler Clients

Bridal Portrait Tips for Complete Weddings + Events Tyler Clients


Bridal portraits are a crucial aspect of your wedding photography, and we want to ensure they turn out absolutely stunning. Here are some exclusive tips to help you prepare for your bridal portrait session!

Bridal Portrait Tips for Brides in Tyler, TX

Selecting the Perfect Location

When choosing a location for your bridal portraits, consider the following:

  • Wedding Venue: Often, the wedding venue itself provides a picturesque backdrop that complements your theme.
  • Scenic Natural Settings: Tyler, TX boasts beautiful lakes, parks, and gardens. Locations like Lake Tyler or the Tyler Rose Garden can provide a stunning backdrop.

Timing is Key

Schedule your bridal portrait session at a time that offers the best lighting conditions. The “golden hour” (shortly after sunrise or before sunset) provides soft, warm, and flattering light.

Dress for Success

Ensure your wedding gown is clean and wrinkle-free for the portraits. Bring along any accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day, such as your veil, jewelry, and shoes.

Hair and Makeup Trial

Schedule your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your bridal portrait session. This ensures you’ll look your best and gives you a chance to make any necessary adjustments.

Bouquet and Props

Consider bringing your wedding bouquet or any other meaningful props to enhance the portraits.

Comfortable Footwear

If your chosen location requires a bit of walking or if you’re concerned about your heels sinking into the ground, bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear between shots.

Relax and Have Fun

Your bridal portrait session is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the spotlight before the big day. Trust your photographer and let your personality shine through.

Bring an Assistant

Having a trusted friend or family member along can be helpful for holding your dress, carrying props, or assisting with any last-minute touch-ups.

Incorporate Personal Touches

If there are meaningful elements or locations related to your love story, let us know! We can incorporate them into your session to make it even more special.

Stay Hydrated and Energized

Be sure to stay hydrated and have a light snack before your session to keep your energy up.

Complete Weddings + Events – Photographers in Tyler, TX

Remember, the key to stunning bridal portraits is to be yourself and enjoy the process. Our team of photographers at Complete Weddings + Events Tyler is dedicated to making your bridal portrait session a memorable and enjoyable experience. We can’t wait to capture your beauty and excitement on this special occasion.

If you have any specific questions or ideas for your session, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to make your vision come to life!

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