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Picking a Tulsa wedding DJ or Band

Picking a Tulsa wedding DJ or Band


Music can make or break a reception. Playing the right song at the right time can be key to having the most fun to the least fun at your wedding reception. So, are you picking a Tulsa wedding DJ or Band? There are a few things to keep in mind when you pick.

Picking a Tulsa wedding DJ or Band

What Best Fits Your Style

What vibe are you wanting to go for? The great thing about a band is that they will set a concert or old-school vibe. Whereas a DJ will give more of a club feel. There are pros and cons to both a DJ and Band. Some pros are that the music is actually live and when you have a band the band leader is also a great Emcee. A con to a band has to be price. With a DJ you only have to pay for one person to be there but with a band, you need to be able to account for the entire band. Some pros to DJ are price, as well as song selection. A DJ is going to have a plethora of songs to choose from. Cons to a DJ would be if you have a DJ that doesn’t have a great personality.

Do Your Research

You should check reviews on both the band and the DJ! You might not get the chance to see either the DJ or the Band live. But you should absolutely check out their reviews. And meeting them beforehand can also help give you a feel for how their personalities are and how they will mesh with you! Ultimately if you are hiring professionals they should be accommodating to your likes and dislikes. Such as songs on a do not playlist. They should see that and be accommodating. For more tips on researching DJs and entertainment check out your local Knot guides!

Don’t Stress, Do Both

There are different things to look at when making your final selection, but I believe just finding the ones that understand what you are wanting and will make sure to make that happen. And sometimes the best decision is to pick both a band and a DJ! For all of your, DJ, Photography, Videography, Lighting Photobooth, and wedding day management needs COMPLETE has got you covered!

Author: Chad Miller

Photographer: Kasey Alcott

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