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wedding with no local family

Planning A Wedding With No Local Family 11.9.21

While group travel may frighten some, others love the chance to bring their favorites together on an adventure in a fun destination! The idea of planning a wedding with no local family or friends may excite some and scare off others, but we’re here to let you know this can be a reality. Using the […]

Perfect Tampa Wedding Photographer

How to choose the perfect Tampa Wedding Photographer 9.23.21

Wedding photography is a huge part of the planning process. Book the wrong photographer and you’re forced to look at pictures of yourself that you hate for the rest of your life. In this blog, we want to help you find the perfect Tampa wedding photographer for you!

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag 9.14.21

In this increasingly exciting digital world run by social media, it was only a matter of time before it entered the wedding realm. Specifically hashtags. Hashtags are the perfect way to narrow down searches of content on social media. How can this apply to your wedding? Well, you can customize your own specific hashtag that […]

Attending a Wedding

Be Our Guest: Attending a Wedding Before Your Own 9.2.21

Let’s face it 2020 and 2021 have been quite unpredictable. With so many changes to now have to worry about and consider when attending a wedding or maybe even two before your own may not be a bad idea! It may give you some creative way to incorporate social distancing into your floor plan if […]

Tampa Bachelorette Party

Tampa Bachelorette Party Do’s & Don’ts 9.1.21

While with events of Covid, Tampa Bachelorette Party traditions are changing a bit. Or at least they might need to depending on the bride-to-be. Planning the perfect Tampa Bachelorette party has never been an easy task. Here are a few pointers that can help:

Reception Music Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer, Tampa Bay Wedding Coordinator

Music for your Reception: How to Begin Planning 7.30.21

To say that there are a couple of moving parts to planning a wedding would be the understatement of the century! Planning your BEST DAY EVER is full of moving parts with many decisions to make! From the dress, flowers, décor, down to the seating arrangements and the choice of food. One of the most […]

Tampa wedding videography: Price vs Value Tampa Garden Club, Tampa Wedding Venue, Tampa Wedding Photography

Tampa wedding videography: Price vs Value 7.15.21

When considering Tampa wedding videography: price vs value. There are several things to think about. You spend months, maybe years on planning everything for your wedding day. When the day arrives, before you know it, it’s over.  When you look back on your day, photography allows you to relive the images taken, while video provides […]

wedding planner in Tampa

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner in Tampa? 7.12.21

If you’re a go-getter, host extraordinaire, and party planning perfectionist, planning your own wedding might sound right up your alley! But before you begin tackling this event on your own, it’s smart to consider if you need to hire a wedding planner in Tampa. Knowing everything a wedding planning professional can provide you, might make […]

Choosing Your Vendors: Pro vs. Pal

Choosing Your Vendors: Pro vs. Pal 6.29.21

It can be tempting to ask friends or family members to provide services that are normally provided by a professional, but is it really a good idea? The answer can be yes OR no. It all depends. Here are a few reasons to say yes and a few reasons to say no when choosing your […]

Popular Tampa Wedding Venues

Popular Tampa Wedding Venues 6.17.21

Choosing the perfect spot for your BEST DAY EVER can be quite the task. However, our team at Complete Weddings + Events Tampa can help. We’re lucky to work with some of the best Tampa Wedding venues and as a result, can help point you in the right direction. Here are a few of our favorite […]

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