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Can’t Attend Your Wedding

How To Honor Those Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding


Weddings are a celebration of love and family. You invite all the people in your life who have meant the most to you and made an impact on your life. It’s a chance for you to see family and friends you may not have seen in a while and get together for some drinks, laughs, and dancing. However, with Covid-19, travel expenses, or just life in general, not everybody can make it to your wedding. Here are some ways to honor those who can’t attend your wedding.

Put Their Picture on a Table

One way to honor guests who are unable to attend your wedding is to put a cocktail table out by the entrance of your venue and place photos of them on the table. This is a great way to show that they are still with you in spirit and that you are still thinking about them.

Save Them a Seat

Save a seat for the wedding guest you are honoring, and put an article of clothing on the seat. Place a plate and silverware in front of the seat, you may also place their favorite jacket, hat, or pair of shoes there in their honor.

Wear something that Belongs to Them

A great way to honor a loved one who can’t attend your wedding is by wearing something they once owned. A bride might consider wearing their wedding dress if they were really close. The groom might wear their cufflinks or carry a handkerchief that was once theirs. You can also make it as subtle as just carrying their picture around with you during the wedding.

Incorporate Them into Your Wedding Favors

Make the person you are honoring a part of your wedding favors. You can do something like give everyone brownies from your grandmother’s favorite recipe or even give everyone a piece of their favorite candy.

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