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Must-have Personalized Wedding Details 8.9.22

No two weddings are the same. Each couple has a different circle of friends, different tastes, and different ways they want to make their day unique. With nearly endless ways to add personalized wedding details to your day, every wedding ends up being a special day for the two newlyweds.

first look with husband

The First Look 7.31.22

First looks have become more and more popular over the last few years. Everyone knows it is bad luck to see your spouse the day of your wedding before your celebration of love. Being able to celebrate your love intimately before your big celebration is literally everything.

Vendor Contracts 7.18.22

Vendor contracts are one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. For every vendor that you book for your wedding, you NEED to make sure you are signing a contract. If the vendor does not have a contract readily available, request a contract from them before paying any money upfront to secure […]

bride and groom kiss

Outdoor Wedding Tips in Spokane 6.29.22

Outdoor weddings in Spokane, Washington are absolutely stunning. From the fresh air, to the variety of wedding venues we have in the area there is so much to think about when planning your outdoor wedding. In this article I have some tips for you to think about when planning your outdoor wedding in Spokane, Washington.

bridesmaids and groom

Wedding Photo Ideas! 6.17.22

Your wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. As you are planning your wedding, you probably are finding unique wedding photo ideas to take with your closest friends and family. These photos are what everyone is going to remember your special day by.

how to plan a wedding

How to Plan a Wedding and Save! 6.1.22

In today’s day and age, prices are skyrocketing. From gas and groceries to housing and planning for the future; everything costs more. Unfortunately, the cost of a wedding is no different. The average cost of a wedding in 2022 will cost $27,000. Learning how to plan a wedding and save money planning your wedding could […]

Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony 5.10.22

The moment you walk down the aisle to meet your better half in front of your favorite people should be a moment to remember! The details of the day can mean something to you and your fiancé and help create a ceremony that truly represents each other. Using the scenery, sounds, and maybe some surprises […]

ceremony area by mountains

Wedding Inflation 5.5.22

Wedding Inflation is at a all-time high in 2022. Just about every woman has planned their wedding, on a Pinterest board, since they were 13. If they tell you that they haven’t, then they are lying. That means when this day comes around, they have an expectation in their head of what they want their […]

Wedding Registry Must-Haves & Must-Dos

Wedding Registry Must-Haves & Must-Dos 4.15.22

Having all of your loved ones in one place, on your special day is a major perk. The gifts they bring you will last a lifetime to come. When creating your wedding registry you’ll need to decipher what you want and what you need. Read on to figure out how to get started on your […]

Wedding Planning Timeline: When To Book a Wedding DJ, Photographer & More

Wedding Planning Timeline: When To Book a Wedding DJ, Photographer & More 3.8.22

The whole “first comes love, then comes marriage” statement is missing quite a few steps if you’re wanting to host a wedding to celebrate that marriage! Choosing your venue and selecting vendors doesn’t happen all in a day! (The average couple hires 15 wedding vendors!) There is no exact timing to planning a wedding. However, […]

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