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Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save

Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save


Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged and you’re ready to say your I Do’s with the love of your life. Sometimes, big decisions are easy to make. But when it comes to planning your special day, many couples are faced with another more challenging question: Should you splurge on your wedding or save?

Believe it or not, answering this question has more to do with your values than with any other factor. By making yourself a priority for the night, you can practically guarantee that your day goes exactly the way you want.  But what does that mean? How can your special day help you save and splurge at the same time? If you’re wondering what to prioritize, read on for 3 key questions that will help guide your Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save. 


Wedding Planning Budget: Splurge or Save

How do you want to feel at the end of the night?

It’s your wedding and you are the star of the show, so how you are feeling about your event should be your number one consideration. Take a moment to talk with your fiance about your special day. Imagine that you’ve just walked out the doors surrounded by friends and family and are opening the doors to the getaway car. How are you feeling? Are you feeling excited and energized by the energy of the guests? Are you grateful to have shared so much time with family members who you rarely get to see? Are you full of all the yummy food you ate? Are you still dancing to the music the DJ played for the closing song? 

Once you have considered what your ideal outcome is, it’s easy to prioritize the things that will take you there. If you’re looking for a high energy festive environment, you may want to prioritize an open bar over a long, fancy dinner. If you’re looking to share intimate time with family, however, a 3-course caterer may be the way to go. If you’re interested in dancing the night away to great music, you’ll want to start interviewing potential DJs right away–but if you’re just looking to socialize and connect with your guests, you may opt for more social activities such as lawn games. 

How do you want your guests to feel at the end of the night?

At the end of the night, most newlyweds simply want their guests to have a great time, but that looks different for different crowds. If your guest list is largely 35+, you may find that guests would enjoy a nice dinner and a great drink selection much more than high energy dancing. However, if you’ve planned a wedding with lots of young kids in attendance, it would be best to focus your budget on activities that are more family-oriented rather than splurging on a 3-course meal that the kiddos may not eat. In general, if your crowd is full of 20-somethings, you can bet that a DJ or a live band would be a great source of entertainment for them throughout the night. 

What do you want to remember most about your wedding?

Many of your wedding guests will be friends or family who you haven’t seen in years, and if connecting with them is a priority for you, you will want a photographer on hand to capture those special moments. Wedding photographers are experts and seeking out special moments and capturing them forever, and wedding photographs are keepsakes that last a lifetime. 

If you’re with a high energy group or an older crowd, you may want to prioritize a videographer. Videographers are great at capturing the dancing and exciting moments, and this footage is something you’ll be revisiting for years to come. Ask anybody who has been married for 10 years or more, and they’ll tell you the most valuable keepsake from their special day is their wedding video. Nothing could ever replace seeing your grandpa, aunts, and uncles, and dear friends dancing, celebrating, and having a blast with you, and that’s why wedding videography should be your priority. 

Overall, the question isn’t really whether to splurge or save. There is no reason to cut corners on what YOU want out of your wedding, so don’t. Visualize your ideal outcome, and prioritize the activities, vendors, and things that will make your day the perfect one for you. There is no perfect wedding, after all–just the perfect wedding for you!

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