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Planning a Small Wedding in San Antonio

Planning a Small Wedding in San Antonio


Less = a more intimate celebration.

 Historically weddings are a big celebration, but small weddings are increasingly common.  Having a small guest list is one way to tie the knot during the coronavirus pandemic.  Additionally, couples chose to have a small wedding as they can be more cost-effective.  So, if you’re thinking about hosting a small wedding celebration, we have put together a list of ideas and planning tips to get things rolling.


Planning a Small Wedding in San Antonio During COVID For 50-Guests or Less

For those engaged couples who have shifted their wedding vision due to COVID, you can make your special day as magical as you originally hoped it would be.  A smaller wedding is a wonderful way to create an intimate and personal experience for everyone.  A small wedding allows you to better connect and socialize with your guests.

What’s classified as a small wedding?

A small wedding typically consists of 50 people or less. And remember, the fewer people you invite, the more intimate your special event can be. Want an even more intimate wedding and invite 20 to 40 people or restrict your invite list to a VIP-only guest list of 10 loved ones. Small wedding celebrations are often hosted at destination weddings.

Location, Location, Location?

Planning and hosting a small wedding is about finding the right location/space.  With a small guest, you still want your wedding venue to feel full.  To accomplish this, you want to consider small and intimate environments versus spacious venues.  Keep an open mind when doing your venue research.  Maybe a small garden or favorite park.

Planning Tips for a Small Wedding During COVID

When it comes to planning a small wedding, it may seem straightforward, but as with all special events, it can be difficult to pull off logistically.  Complete Weddings + Events is here to help make the process easier, keep the following tips in mind when planning a 50-person wedding during COVID.

  • Your Guest List

Keeping your guest list down can be challenging.  Remember there are people that you don’t have to invite to your wedding.  Keep in mind local and national guidelines around social gatherings so you know what is allowed.  We fully appreciate how difficult it is to tell someone they won’t get invited to your special celebration, it’s best to be honest.  There are other ways to include people in your celebration.

  • Forego the Wedding Party

Yes, including a wedding party is a long-time tradition, eliminate that in an effort to keep your guest list small.  Only include your closest family and a tight group of best friends on your guest list.

  • Virtual Attendees List

In light of coronavirus, technology is your friend.  Livestreaming your wedding ceremony via Facebook Live or Zoom for your virtual attendees to participate in your celebration.  This is a great option for those that just should not travel or can’t attend for health and safety reasons.

As your planning comes together for your 50-person wedding during COVID, remember that the entire team at Complete Weddings + Events is focused on being THE resource that will allow you to relieve stress and save money.  Some of the best feedback we regularly receive from our customers is the ‘one-stop-shop’ convenience that we provide that not only saves our customers money but time in not having to communicate with multiple vendors.  We are excited to connect with you and have you experience our mission of providing extraordinary special event services that deliver JOY for generations to come.

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