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Bride and Groom How To Share Your San Antonio Wedding Photos With All Your Guests

How To Share Your San Antonio Wedding Photos With All Your Guests


You find yourself on the other side of the wedding planning process and journey, or you may be at various points in the planning process.  No matter where you are at, you may be asking yourself … how do I make sure that our guests have the opportunity to see our San Antonio wedding photos?  And that is a very good question to be processing.

A quick internet search on the subject will provide virtually unlimited options, which can result in frustration instead of solutions.  So … in the interest of being resourceful and helpful, we have put together a list of the top ways to share your wedding photos with all your guests.  And when booking any Complete Weddings + Events photography service, we include a very easy way for you to share your photos and special moments.  I will leave details on that at the end of this blog.

How To Share Your San Antonio Wedding Photos With All Your Guests

Social Media

Yes … at the #1 spot is social media.  I won’t go into all the statistics on how much time people spend on the many platforms each day.  But when it comes to your wedding, your ‘friends’ are keeping an eye on your social media sites in anticipation of seeing photos of your wedding.  Facebook and Instagram are wonderful and easy ways of posting photos and videos of your special day.  Make sure to tag friends and family so they see the photos you post.  Assigning hashtags allows your friends to follow and search and assists in them seeing your photos all in one place.

Create Your Own Website

A very popular option for couples once they’re engaged and planning their wedding is setting up a wedding website.  This allows for efficient planning and communication. When it comes to photos, websites allow couples to share digital wedding photo albums after the big day.

File-Sharing Platforms

The advent of technology is truly amazing.  It wasn’t long ago when we wanted to share data an external hard drive was required.  But now file-sharing platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive are wonderful options for sharing wedding photos which are each accessible on various platforms (mobile, desktop, and tablet).

Physical Sharing

While I am really not a statistic person, here is one that I have always found interesting.  Only 30% of couples actually take advantage of owning the rights to their digital images, meaning 70% do not order any kind of photo prints, albums, wall art from their wedding.  Sharing prints is definitely the more traditional route for sharing wedding photos.  But is a great way to make sure guests in your home or your loved ones continue to enjoy those most special moments from your wedding.

Online Photo Gallery

As I mentioned earlier, each of the photography packages that we offer at Complete Weddings + Events includes a wonderful way to share your wedding photos with all your guests. And that is through a web-based photo gallery.  By emailing your guests a link to your web gallery, they are able to not only see the photos, but they can also easily order prints without having to involve you.  And our photography processing partner offers that highest quality paper and photo processing out there.  And because of our relationship with this processor and the volume of work we do, we are able to pass on great savings to our customers.

The best solution for sharing your wedding photos with all your guests is the solution that works for you.  Maybe you utilize several of the ones mentioned above.  If you get stumped and want more clarity on these options, Complete Weddings + Events is here for you.  Our mission of providing extraordinary special event services that deliver JOY for generations to come flows through everything we do and is the essence of who we are.

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