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Lahra Cannon How to Reduce Your Guest List in a Pandemic in San Antonio?

How to Reduce Your Guest List in a Pandemic


COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has particularly impacted the wedding industry. Lavish weddings as we once knew them are changing shape overnight. If you’re dealing with rescheduling or trying to trim down your guest list to follow government guidelines and ordinances, know that you aren’t alone. Couples getting married in 2020—and likely 2021—will face a list of new challenges that others have never had to deal with before. Navigating these changes can feel overwhelming but we are here to help.

First, start with revisiting your guest list. Reducing your guest list is already a headache when wedding planning. But now more couples are choosing to throw micro weddings with their closest friends and family. After making this decision, the next question is: how do you determine who will be invited to celebrate with you on your special day?

How to Reduce Your Guest List in a Pandemic in San Antonio?

Give the Option to Attend Virtually

Virtual weddings are becoming increasingly popular because of COVID. This option is especially important if you have elderly or immunocompromised guests on your list. At Complete, we love Zoom, Google Hangout, and Facebook Live. Go out of your way to make any virtual guests feel included by allowing them to request a song or make a speech if they are near and dear to you and your spouse.

Plan a Celebration for a Later Date

For some couples, the idea of not having certain friends and family at their wedding is devastating. If you’re still looking to tie the knot now but you do so in an elopement or a micro wedding, consider hosting a wedding reception party in the future. We love the option of celebrating your first wedding anniversary with a giant party surrounded by your loved ones.

Consider Which Guests are Vital

While this may sound like a silly question, which guests can you not imagine your wedding day without? Those guests are vital to you. These are likely the people you first told you were engaged or the first ones you would share any life news with. Write down their names, then call them or shoot them a quick text to see if they are available for the day that you’re planning to get married. Since COVID micro weddings are only a small number of guests, this shouldn’t require an overwhelming amount of communication. This will help you determine if you have availability to invite other guests.

Questions to Determine Who is Vital

But how do you make the list you’ve already trimmed and made it even smaller? Here are some questions you should ask yourself on how to reduce your guest list:

  • Can you imagine getting married without this person’s presence? 
  • How often do you see this person? 
  • Has this person really been there for you throughout your life? 
  • Do you feel competition with this person? Are they going to judge you? 
  • When is the last time you saw each other or had a call?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your most intimate feelings and vows in front of that person?
  • Do you feel pressured to invite that person? Is a family member pushing you to invite that person?

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