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How to Choose a Wedding Date in San Antonio?

How to Choose a Wedding Date


The process of how to pick a wedding date in San Antonio, TX will be different for each couple, but a good place to start is to consider how much time you’ll need to plan your amazing day. Giving yourself at least a year to plan your wedding can be helpful for most couples. A wedding date at least a year out will give you time to check everything off your list – from finding and ordering your wedding dress (which can take 9 to 11 months) to book your venue.

How to Choose a Wedding Date in San Antonio?

Brainstorm any dates that are symbolic to you.

How romantic would it be to marry on the date you first met, on the day you officially became a couple, or on your grandparents’ anniversary? You may not be able to marry on the exact day you want—that special date could fall on a Monday, or like we previously mentioned, the venue you love may be booked—but you can probably get pretty close. (Pro tip: You can tell your guests about any signs of the timing in your ceremony programs.)

Pick the season you want.

Weather not only affects your wedding’s style and location, but it can also help set a mood. Consider your wedding personality, then choose your season accordingly. Want free-spirited, fun, tropical-inspired wedding? Pick a wedding date in the summer. Dreaming of snowfall and holiday vibes? Try a winter wedding.

What Is the Cheapest Month to Get Married?

Your budget may go a long way toward guiding you to the right wedding date. For instance, June, September, and October are some of the most popular marriage months, so prices are inevitably higher.

If you’re looking to save on your wedding, choose an off-month, where you’re more likely to get discounted prices and a better selection of venues and vendors. The cheapest months to get married are typically March, April, and November.

Days of the week also matter: Saturday nights carry the heftiest price tag, but marry during the week is a great way to keep extra money in your pocket.

Ask for the preferences of your VIP guests.

If you have limited preferences, you may want to ask your nearest and dearest about date conflicts and plan accordingly. Be forewarned that this can cause a feud if you ask anyone outside your essential circle of parents, siblings, and honor attendants. Keep it simple and don’t budge once the date is set.

Skip certain dates.

There are definitely wedding dates you don’t want to schedule.  No matter what your career, you probably have your own crunch time at work, so don’t marry then. You’ll either be stressed or find it difficult to take off for your honeymoon. Also, your religion may dictate some times of the year, or even days of the week, that are off-limits. For other dates to avoid in 2019, 2020, and 2021, find a comprehensive list right here.

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