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5 Wedding Traditions You’ve Never Heard Of

5 Wedding Traditions You’ve Never Heard Of 1.19.22

A wedding is filled with tons of wedding traditions that are standard. In fact, it doesn’t feel quite like a wedding without them! From the bride wearing a white dress, to exchanging wedding vows in front of your family and friends, wedding traditions make the day so special and cherished. Today, it’s common for couples […]

Taylor + Jacob’s Intimate Wedding at The Court Above Main

Taylor + Jacob’s Intimate Wedding at The Court Above Main 12.23.21

On a late August afternoon, clear skies were abundant, feelings of excitement and love were all in the air. Taylor + Jacob were finally tying the knot! The couple had spent months on end, creating a perfectly intimate wedding with their closest friends and family at The Court Above Main. The day was finally here […]

Wedding Dress Trends

2022 Wedding Dress Trends + Rochester Dress Shops 11.17.21

Are you looking for some wedding dress inspiration? 2022 has so many exciting new trends that it’s bringing into the wedding industry. Whether you’re the bride looking to make a statement or to go the more traditional and timeless round. The following wedding dress trends can be custom-made to your personal taste. Now let’s talk […]

Wedding With No Local Family

Planning A Wedding With No Local Family 11.9.21

While group travel may frighten some, others love the chance to bring their favorites together on an adventure in a fun destination! The idea of planning a wedding with no local family or friends may excite some and scare off others. We’re here to let you know this can be a reality. Chatting with the […]

engagement rings vs wedding rings

Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings 10.28.21

So, we hear you’re ready to ask the big question and you’ve started looking at engagement rings. As you were shopping for a ring, you may have found that there’s not only one ring, but two rings to shop for! Or, maybe you already knew that before you started looking, but are wondering why? Why […]

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games 9.27.21

Bridal showers are a moment to breathe in between planning your wedding and your engagement. This is a great way for your guests to meet each other for the first time before your big day. The big question is, how do you keep your guests entertained? Whether you’re planning on having the party for just […]

LeeAnna + Cameron's Wedding at Steeplechase Event Center

LeeAnna + Cameron’s Wedding at Steeplechase Event Center 9.15.21

On a late summer afternoon, LeeAnna + Cameron were getting ready for the night of their lives. This was the day they were going to make things official… as husband and wife! After months on end of planning, they had finally reached their goal. There it was, just moments away. The moment where they would […]

wedding hashtag

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag 9.13.21

In this increasingly exciting digital world run by social media, it was only a matter of time before it entered the wedding realm. Specifically hashtags. Hashtags are the perfect way to narrow down searches of content on social media. How can this apply to your wedding? Well, you can customize your own specific hashtag that […]

Timeless Wedding Themes

Timeless Wedding Themes 8.25.21

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is deciding on your theme. This is what decides what you’ll wear, how the venue will be decorated, and even what kind of food you will have. Having a theme makes it easier for you to narrow down some of the bigger decisions of your […]

Couple taking photo while sun is setting on them beautiful shot during engagement shoot

How to Choose Your Wedding Date in Rochester, MN 7.19.21

Choosing the perfect wedding date requires a bit of luck, intuition, and research! While a fun easy-to-remember date may be ideal, the time of year, availability of family or vendors might not work with you. Here are a few things to consider to help you think through all your options before making your decision final […]

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