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What to look for in an Orlando Wedding Photographers

What to Look For in an Orlando Wedding Photographer


Looking for the best Orlando wedding photographers can be challenging! There are so many things to consider from style to personality to pricing. It’s certainly one of the things during the planning that feel so great to check off the list! We’ve put together some great tips on what to look for during your photography search.

What to look for in the Best Orlando Wedding Photographers


The most obvious factor when looking for a photographer is style. Once you know the style of photos you are looking for, look through portfolios to find what you know you want. Once you have found a couple different photographers that match the style you are looking for, start to analyze each profile with a critical eye. This will help you narrow it down to the perfect photographer for YOU! You want to make sure that you and the photographer have an understanding for the goal of these photos. If the perfect photographer is important to you, plan ahead. You will want to start looking/booking your wedding photographer at least a year in advance to ensure availability for your date. This gives you enough time to get to know your photographer and work with them on your inspiration and any specific shots you might be looking for.


You’ll want to be sure that your photographer is easy going and will help you stick to your timeline! Your Orlando photographer will be with you more than almost anyone else the day of your wedding, especially in the first few hours of your wedding. Not only are you going to want to make sure that they can help you stick to the timeline, but you’ll want them to fit your personality as well. Be sure to chat with someone in our office so that we can help match you up with the perfect Orlando photographer for your big day!


One thing you should take extremely seriously is how experienced your photographer is with whatever is most important to you! Not only is basic experience crucial to finding a solid wedding photographer, but it’s important that your photographer is particularly experienced in whatever matters the most to you personally. For example, every photographer has the ability to adjust to your style, but not every photographer is an expert when shooting in that style! However, you might really want a photographer who is good with kids in case you have children in your wedding party and in that case you’ll want to find a photographer who is great with kids and experienced in shooting photography with children. The experience that your photographer brings is extremely important!

The Fit

In addition to everything else, it’s important that your photographer fits with the other vendors at your wedding. If for whatever reason they don’t jive well with the DJ or videographer that could be an issue. The vendors work together so much more than most people realize on the wedding day so if one vendor doesn’t work well with the other the wedding timeline might not go as smoothly. It’s well worth it to find a photographer that works well with the rest of the team that you’ve put together for your wedding!

Wedding Photographers

Photographers want to create a personal relationship with you so that you feel 100% comfortable! Let’s be real, weddings are stressful and so many times the photographer actually doubles as the personal attendant and stress reliever! It is also important to make sure you have a written contract so that you know exactly what you are getting. You will want to review the contract to find out what the best fit according to your preferences and budget. You also want to look for personality! Make sure that you and your photographers’ personalities mesh. You want to build a strong relationship with your Orlando photographer, so they know exactly what to capture. These are just some pointers we have for finding your absolutely perfect wedding photographer match.

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