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What Questions to Ask Your Wedding Coordinator in Orlando


When you’re looking for your wedding coordinator in Orlando, you should certainly have a list of questions ready to go. A list of questions can be very helpful in finding the perfect coordinator for your big day. There are so many things that the coordinator is in charge of on your wedding day. From ensuring that the décor is set up properly to making sure that every step of your wedding day goes by flawlessly, the coordinator has that entire day in their hands so you’ll want to make sure you can trust them!

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Coordinator in Orlando

We’ve listed out some of the top questions we feel you should make sure you ask your wedding coordinator while going through the vetting process. Most couples have no idea where to begin when it comes to finding their vendors.

Your coordinator is among the most important so we want to make sure you ask the questions that are going to highlight the right choice for your wedding in Orlando. Here are the questions you should make sure to ask your prospective coordinator.

How much contact will we have with you leading up to the wedding?

The amount of contact you’ll have with your coordinator varies depending on who you’re going with. It will also depend on how experienced they are (sometimes more meetings doesn’t always mean better communication or more organization), and what type of coordination service you’re booking (full planning, month-of, or day-of).

Most day of coordinators will meet to go over everything and make sure everything is ready to go for you leading up to the wedding day so you certainly want to make sure there’s solid communication. However, constant meetings won’t really mean more is getting done, it just may result in more work for you.

Will you coordinate the delivery, arrival times, and proper setup of all our vendors?

One of the main reasons to book a coordinator is the ensure that you can relax on your wedding day. It may be difficult to sit back and relax if you have to concern yourself with the arrival times and proper setup of every vendor on your list. Ensuring that this will be taken care of by the coordinator is essential to being able to truly enjoy your wedding day in its full glory!

Will you be creating a timeline for everyone to work off of?

You’re going to want to make sure that the coordinator is able to create and facilitate a proper timeline to everyone involved in your wedding. All of your vendors should be on the same page. That starts with your coordinators ability to not only create a great timeline but to get that out to every other vendor and make sure everyone is able to make it work for them.

The last few weeks of your wedding are stressful enough. You don’t want to add coordinating a proper timeline with every vendor on top of that stress!

Will you be at the ceremony rehearsal?

You are certainly going to want to make sure that your coordinator plans on coming out to your rehearsal. If there is any miscommunication during rehearsal, you could end up with a mess of a ceremony on wedding day. You won’t want your wedding day to start off with a messy ceremony!

How well do they work with your vendor team?

The coordinator will work closely with your vendor team leading up to your wedding day. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure they have a good rapport with everyone. Great communication is key to making absolutely sure that you and your spouse will have time to relax, eat your food, and simply enjoy the day!

The ability to communicate with the rest of your Orlando wedding vendors is a skill that should not be overlooked when finding the right wedding coordinator.

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