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How to Create a Wedding Weekend Itinerary in Orlando

How to Create a Wedding Weekend Itinerary in Orlando


When planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida, there are a plethora of things that can be done over your wedding weekend! How many couples can invite their family to Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), Universal Studios, or take a trip to the beach with their friends and family? There are so many things to do in Central Florida that it can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to nailing down a wedding weekend itinerary for everyone! These Orlando wedding planning tips can help!

Creating Your Wedding Itinerary in Orlando

When there are so many options for your weekend itinerary, you’re going to want to begin by narrowing down what’s important to you. So, think about what you and your family enjoy most. Will they prefer to hit the amusement parks, experience nature, or enjoy a beautiful place to relax?

You’ll want to figure out what means most to you before taking any steps regarding your weekend schedule. Once you do that, here are the top things to consider when creating your wedding weekend itinerary:

Keep Expectations Realistic

When you’re creating an itinerary for the wedding weekend, you can make many mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. The two biggest things to consider have to do with your expectations.

Don’t expect too much from your weekend.

If you expect too much from your wedding weekend, you’ll plan too much which will cause you to run yourself into the ground from pure exhaustion. Keep in mind that your wedding weekend requires a ton of energy already. You won’t want to overdo it and become too tired to enjoy your special day.

Don’t expect your guests to entertain themselves all weekend.

On the other hand, some couples forget to plan anything and expect their guests to figure out things to do. If you don’t plan enough, your wedding guests are guaranteed to bother you leading up to the wedding day asking what everyone has planned and they’ll end up sitting around bored most of the weekend.

You’ll want to plan your weekend enough for your guests to have something to do at least half of the time so that you can ensure a good time and avoid the constant texts right before your wedding.

Find a Hotel for Out of Town Guests

Many couples getting married in Orlando have guests coming in from out of town. Even if you’re from Orlando, chances are you have plenty of out-of-town guests. Therefore, it’s very important to find a place for everyone to stay while they’re in town that is centrally located to everything happening over the wedding weekend.

For example, if you’re planning on some trips to Disney, it’s a good idea to find a Disney hotel that everyone can stay at. Not to mention, shuttles can take guests back and forth from all of the parks!

If you’re going to be spending some time at Boxi Park in Lake Nona, The Wave Hotel might be a great option! The hotel location greatly depends on the wedding location and weekend itinerary. It’s a good idea to pick a spot centrally located for people to stay.

Take Advantage of the City

When you’re planning a wedding in Orlando, Florida, you’re going to have family and friends who are going to want to take in the warm weather, the theme parks, and overall just embrace the city; especially if they’re visiting from out of town.

Don’t forget to give your guests experiences that are unique to Orlando because we truly are lucky in that we have a beautiful and very fun city with many attractions. You’ll regret depriving your guests of those experiences if you can help it!

Set Aside Time to Rest

Allow Guests to Relax

When you’re planning out all of the exciting activities for your guests, make sure you plan for enough rest time to keep everyone energized. Without any rest, you could wear your guests out which could result in a half-awake wedding reception. The last thing you want is to leave the reception too soon because you and your guests are too tired to dance and have a good time.

Plan Activities That Everyone Can Do

Not all of the activities planned need to include everybody. However, you should certainly plan at least a few events that can entertain all of your guests. You don’t want to exclude family when you’re planning the perfect wedding weekend.

You’re going to have guests who likely can’t or would rather not walk around Disney World or Universal Studios all day. Therefore, make sure you have at least a few activities planned that include those guests. For example, plan a nice dinner for everyone where you can simply sit back and catch up with your friends and family who made the trip out.

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