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At Complete Weddings + Events Orlando, we capture smiles, tears, kisses, family, friends, and all the special moments you’ll enjoy watching over and over. Of course, everyone knows photography is a must, but many times couples will see an Orlando wedding videography as a “want” and not a “need”. However, nothing captures the feelings and emotions of your wedding day like your wedding video. Having the ability to see the faces of everyone who attended and reliving your big day whenever you want is extremely special.

Orlando Videography is Worth It

Investing in wedding videography is a decision you’ll never regret. It preserves the most cherished moments of your special day in a way that no photograph can. Video captures the subtle glances, heartfelt vows, and joyous laughter, preserving the genuine emotions that make your wedding unique. These moving images transport you back to the day you exchanged vows, allowing you to relive the love and excitement for years to come. Unlike photographs, videos capture the essence of your wedding: the whispered promises, the tears of happiness, and the joyful dances. They not only encapsulate the major events but also the candid, intimate moments that might have gone unnoticed.

Every time you watch your wedding video, you’re transported back to that magical day, experiencing the love and happiness all over again. The investment in wedding videography ensures that the memories of your celebration are not just remembered, but felt deeply, making it an addition you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Watch some of our recent work below:


Our talented videographers will help create the perfect video for your special day. We’ll create something that will make you feel all those same emotions you felt on your wedding day for years and years to come!

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The way your dress will flow in the wind, the sound of gasps as you walk down the aisle, that first dance moment with your parents. Whatever it is, our videographers will be there to capture every moment in motion!

Contact us to learn more about our videography services, and to begin creating a package for your big day! Don’t forget to visit our blog page for more wedding tips and inspiration.

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