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Wedding late night snack ideas nuts and easy snacks to bring

Late Night Wedding Snack Ideas


One of the most fun things to do when planning your wedding is finding the right food. Trying different cuisines, cakes, and desserts is maybe the most relaxing and enjoyable piece of planning your entire wedding! With that being said, why not add an extra layer of food to your big day? After all of the dancing and drinks from the bar begins to lower your energy level, a late-night wedding snack might be exactly what you and your guests need anyway!

Late-Night Wedding Snack Ideas

Mentally put yourself into the future at your own wedding reception after you’ve walked down the aisle, eaten dinner, cut the cake, thrown your bouquet, and have been dancing for two hours straight. We can pretty much guarantee that after all of this activity, you’re going to be starving!

Nothing hits the spot after all of this activity and such a long day like a great late-night snack. There are so many options to choose from so we’ve laid out a few ideas for you to consider when it comes to finding the right late-night wedding snack.

Hors D’oeuvre

The classiest option when it comes to food is going to be by far hors d’oeuvre. This will likely match the vibe of the rest of the wedding unless you’re going for an informal feel all the way through. If you have the option and the hors d’oeuvre are within your budget it might just be worth going in this direction. However, you may want to make sure the hors d’oeuvre are good enough to get eaten because if not, this may be the most expensive waste of brussels sprouts you’ve ever bought.


This option is much lower on the “high class” scale, but WHO CARES?! Pizza is a perfect late-night snack for any occasion and after a long and emotionally/physically exhausting day, nothing hits the spot quite like a slice of the good stuff!

Just think about being two hours into non-stop dancing when your Orlando wedding DJ announces, “there will be fresh pizza available for the rest of the night”. We’re absolutely sure that announcement will go over extremely well with everyone.


Donuts are an extremely easy option as you don’t have to keep them warm and wouldn’t be forced to throw them out at the end of the night either. You can have someone pick these up the day of the wedding and simply have them on standby until everyone is ready to roll out some food later in the evening.

The one downside of donuts at your wedding is that they might not be different enough from the cake you ate earlier to garner that much excitement. However, if you use donuts as a replacement for cake, then you kill two birds with one stone!

Your wedding DJ announcing that there are plenty of donuts still available late in the night will still be received well by all of your guests! Plus, they’ll taste just as good when you wake up the very next morning for both you and any guests that are lucky enough to bring some home.

Taco Bar

A taco bar sounds amazing every day of the week! However, on your wedding night, nothing will draw in more people than an awesome-looking late-night taco bar. The ability to customize each taco and make each one different for each person is a great perk. Plus, this is a very cost-effective way to feed everyone late at night without much trouble! Just tell us that a late-night taco bar at the next wedding you attend wouldn’t make you jump out of your seat or off of the dance floor to grab a plate.

Ice Cream

There are a few options when it comes to ice cream and you could either make this another very cost-effective option or you could go all out and make this a talking point of your wedding! For a cost-effective option, simply put together an ice cream sundae bar at your wedding reception, maybe replacing the cake table later in the night. Another option is to get an actual ice cream truck to come to your wedding!

Kelly’s Ice Cream allows you to rent their pink, modern ice cream truck for your wedding reception. This will not only provide a great snack for you and your guests but allow for some amazing photo ops as well!

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