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Debbie and Anthony's Lake Nona wedding video

Debbie + Anthony’s Lake Nona Wedding Video


Wedding videos are synonymous with grabbing a tissue box. Debbie and Anthony’s Lake Nona wedding video is absolutely no different, it’s so clearly a beautiful wedding and we had a blast capturing it. You’ll see throughout the video what makes this wedding so special and how much emotion was poured into the vows and the ceremony as well as just how much fun everyone had during the reception! Watch the video below and read what we have to say, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Debbie + Anthony’s Lake Nona Wedding Video

The Buildup

We love how we get to see this video open up to the venue then immediately cut to a photo of the bride and groom. This simply builds the anticipation up to see more from this wedding! After a few detailed shots, we get to see a gorgeous shot of the couple standing on the dock overlooking the water right off the ceremony area then cuts to them standing right under the location they will officially be married.

As we move on we get to quickly see Debbie and Anthony together on the stairs leading up to the reception space at The Lake Nona Golf and Country Club in southeast Orlando, FL. We then go back in time to see Debbie wear her dress for the first time and all the reactions from her close friends and family members as she shows off her dress for the first time. All these moments in the video just leave us excited for whatever’s coming next!

The Vows

After all this buildup, we get to hear Anthony give Debbie his vows at the altar. As he speaks, we get to focus in on what his day has looked like so far as he gets ready for the wedding and spends some time with his groomsmen! This all leads up to the first look between the bride and groom and once we see that we get the opportunity to see some more shots of the bride and groom together on their big day.

We then move into Debbie’s vows and we have to say, as misty as Anthony’s vows made us, Debbie’s may have jerked a real tear from our eyes! We love this bride’s vows and how beautifully said they are and have so much fun watching the ceremony unfold in the video while we listen. All these moments conclude in getting to see the moment Debbie walks down the isle as we cut between her and Anthony’s genuine reaction to seeing his bride on their wedding day.

Let The Celebration Begin!

The ceremony is always one of the most beautiful parts of each wedding, but as we move on, there’s always tons of excitement to get to the reception! Once this couple is officially introduced in the video as a married couple the music changes and we begin to see the wedding party dance on into the reception. We then fast forward to see all of their guests gathered on the dance floor as we get ready to begin dancing!

The Toasts

The audio from the toasts comes in soon after the reception begins in this video. Even though it may not have been as emotional to listen to as the vows from earlier, we love how upbeat the wedding feels in these moments and just how much the bride and groom are loved by the ones around them on this special day. We have so much fun watching Anthony watch his best man give his speech from a distance as he mentions how he always knew that Debbie would be the right one for Anthony. Whenever a groom’s best man speaks about how he can tell that the groom is clearly meant for his new bride it may always choke us up a bit!

We loved everything about this video, getting to see Anthony and Debbie spend time together early on without anyone else around to watching them dance together with all of their friends and family in celebration at their Lake Nona wedding. We had so much fun capturing this beautiful ceremony and reception! Congratulations once again Debbie and Anthony and best of luck on your new lives together!

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