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Wedding Rings; The RIGHT way to Pose Them!

Wedding Rings; The RIGHT way to Pose Them!


Wedding rings can be SO hard to work with! Some photographers find the easiest way to pose a ring is to use the bouquet. Over time, the “ring shot” has become a traditional photo at most, if not all, weddings. Another difficult thing is when it comes to the focus quality. It can be extremely difficult for some photographers to capture this shot because they aren’t able to direct their camera focus on the rings specifically. You can clearly tell when a ring is out of focus. We have all seen a photo where the bouquet is beautiful and the rings are beautiful but the diamond is out of focus, or the focus is on the bouquet instead. It can take a seriously AWESOME shot and make it an extremely disappointing final image. Our biggest suggestion would be to check your image on the back of your camera prior to moving on! That is typically a good rule of thumb to keep in mind, especially for someone’s wedding. Another suggestion would be to keep your ISO low in order to preserve the quality of the image of the diamond!

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