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Wedding Rings; The RIGHT way to Pose Them!

Wedding Rings; The RIGHT way to Pose Them!


Wedding rings can be SO hard to work with, but over time, the “ring shot” has become a traditional photo at most, if not all, weddings. One difficult thing when it comes taking pictures of the rings is the focus quality. It can be extremely difficult for some photographers to capture this shot because they aren’t able to direct their camera focus on the rings specifically. You can clearly tell when a ring is out of focus.

There are so many unique ways to capture photos of your wedding rings! Whether that’s posing it with the bouquet, by itself, on the bride and groom’s fingers, or in the box, pictures of the rings are a must-have at weddings. See some fun ways to pose the rings below!

Show Off Your Wedding Details

Take pictures of your rings with other details of your wedding. Using details such as your wedding flowers can also serve as the perfect background for the Wedding rings. These photos will not only show off your beautiful rings, but also the other aspects of your wedding day. It is a great way to capture snippets of your wedding day and show off your unique style.


Use The Bride and Groom

Since the rings will be worn by the bride and groom, use them to show off those rings! There are so many options on how to pose the rings, while they are being worn. This gives the rings an authentic look, while still showing off their sparkle.

Keep the Rings in The Box

This is a simple picture that shows off the beauty of the rings. Sometimes when the rings are posed with other wedding details, they can loose the focus. When the rings are still in their box, it keeps them as the focal point without getting distracted by other things.

Focus On The Ring

Although these photos can be the hardest to capture, if they are done correctly, they can turn out stunning. By only focusing on the ring, it allows you to capture that incredible sparkle of the diamond. These photos are the trickiest because it can be hard to capture an image of the ring with a clear focus. One suggestion to get clear pictures is to keep your ISO low in order to preserve the quality of the image of the diamond!

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