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Reid + Kelly’s Timeless Wedding At The Paxton Ballroom

Reid + Kelly’s Timeless Wedding At The Paxton Ballroom


Their Story

Depending on who you ask, Reid + Kelly might tell you different versions of the story of how they met. One common thread is that in the end, they both knew that they were the right ones for each other. After their first date, it was clear that their lives would never be the same. It only made sense that Reid would make their love story continue by asking that all-important question: “will you marry me”. With sparks literally flying on the 4th of July, Kelly couldn’t help but say yes. Read all about Reid and Kelly’s timeless wedding at The Paxton Ballroom!



Wedding Party

The bridesmaids all stood in unity with the bride by wearing the same shade of maroon in their sheath-cut dresses. Although each dress looked the same in that matter, the necklines were all different in order to show the uniqueness between each bridesmaid.

To complement the bridesmaids, the groomsmen kept it classic with a simple grey suit, white button-down shirt, and black tie. This tie played off of the groom’s all-black suit, white button-down, and printed tie.


The Bride

To fit the elegant theme of the night, Kelly wore a simply classic wedding dress. It had a bateau neckline, meaning it ran high across her collarbone. Traditionally, that neckline also has a modest back. To give the dress a little more, Kelly’s dress had an open back that met in the middle of her back. Dainty pearl buttons then went all the way down to the end of her train. The fitted dress had an overall timeless feeling.



After the wedding party was ready, Kelly + Reid were ready to begin their ceremony at the Boystown Chambers Chapel. Two by two, the wedding party made its way down the aisle, finally leading up to the lady of the hour. Kelly stepped out in her wedding dress with a family member by her side. He led her to the altar where Reid was waiting for her. They both looked at each other as all the moments that led to now flashed before their eyes. They exchanged sweet vows and promises of forever, sealing it all with a kiss. Kelly + Reid were finally married!


The newly wedded couple ran into their new chapter with so much excitement. They entered into The Paxton Ballroom, hand in hand. Reid led Kelly to their head table where toasts and speeches were made. The support from everyone was felt on every level. It was expressed through cheers and heartfelt eyes as they danced the night away. This was only the beginning of the newest chapter of their lives.



Ceremony Venue: Boystown Chambers Chapel

Wedding Reception Venue: The Paxton Ballroom

Photographer: Gabby, Complete Weddings + Events

DJ: Robert, Complete Weddings + Events

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