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Brides Like You | Complete Omaha Client Reviews

Brides Like You | Complete Omaha Client Reviews


We’ve worked with thousands of brides and grooms just like you who are eager and excited to tackle wedding planning, but can easily be overwhelmed as the to-do list grows. We believe the entire wedding planning process can be fun, and we like to treat it that way! In the end, it all pays when you can trust those who chose to help execute your day. Reach out to us to learn about how we can help create and capture your big day, or just read on to hear straight from newlyweds who chose Complete Weddings + Events in Omaha, NE!


Complete Weddings + Events Omaha Reviews

“Neiman is a phenomenal photographer! He took both our engagement and wedding photos, and we could not have asked for a better person to capture those moments. Between those two session we had both the coldest (engagement) and hottest (wedding) days of the year. Nemian was cool through all of it. He kept everyone on track and at the same time didn’t stress anyone out while doing it. His directions with poses made everyone feel relaxed – none of the smiles in those pictures are forced or fake because he ensured everyone was having a great time. Our wedding day was hot and humid, with broken air conditioning at the church, but Neiman never slowed down and his up beat attitude kept everyone in a good mood. At the end of the night we had to make sure we got one last photo with Neiman. We would absolutely recommend Neiman as photographer!

Tommy was a fantastic DJ! His playlists kept everyone on the dance floor having fun – I don’t think there was a point in the night where the dance floor was empty. He kept the party going without ever making people feel they were being forced out on the dance floor. He definitely hit that sweet spot as an event DJ – he was cheerful and fun without ever coming off as fake or over-the-top. Tommy was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend using him as a DJ!

I also loved that Neiman and Tommy had worked other events together before and clearly had a great working relationship. They worked together to makes sure all the timing for those big moments at the reception were done with ease. We could not have been happier with the level of service provided by those two!” -Amanda


“Everything on our wedding day went smooth because of Complete! First off, our photographer Katie did an excellent job with staying on top of things and getting all the right photos at the right moment! Secondly, our photo booth went super smooth. I really liked how we got a book with a photo of everyone in it and some people even put messages next to their photos. We also did a dollar photo booth/dance that way we could get pictures with almost everyone which was suggested by our dj. Avonlea was the person running the photo booth and she did awesome. Lastly, our dj was the best dj anyone could have. Dj Arieus was very interactive with the crowd and made the whole wedding night even better. He also stayed on top of schedule. I really liked how he offered a do not playlist.” -Jadelynn


“PATRICK WENT ABOVE & BEYOND! I will always remember my wedding being amazing because of him!”


“I knew this was a company that I could trust and know will get the job done. But it does not end there, the staff is just amazing to say the least. Highly professional and truly caring about you and your special day. They really are there every step of the way. Their communication is by far the best.” -Maxine Y.


“Our DJ was perfect all night. He got literally everybody on the dance floor and our reception went smooth all night long! Our photographer was patient and took whatever pictures we wanted. It was freezing outside, but she went out and got pictures of us after the venue turned the lights on. Finally, our guests loved the photo booth. They gave us copies of all of the photo strips in a scrapbook, and everyone in the pictures wrote something in it. These three people helped make our night absolutely perfect!” – Owen K.


“Our photographer was the bomb! He was extremely personable and his personality was matched so well with our quirks, we hit it off right away. He asked questions, planned with us and had fun with us in the process. He made sure we got the shots we wanted and caught so many candid shots throughout the night that we can’t wait to see them! Thank you for the incredible experience.” – Lisa F.


“I felt like I could really trust Complete with our wedding. They were all super nice and responded to emails very quickly. The individual workers (DJ, photographers, etc.) called ahead of time and gave out their personal cell phone numbers. Weddings are incredibly stressful, and Complete made the planning process so much easier! I will highly recommend this company to all of my friends and family.” – Marianne D.


“On behalf of my new husband (still weird to hear it 😜) and myself, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone on your staff that helped make 12/30/18 a day we’ll never forget!! Thank you for always responding timely and answering all my questions!” -Kim H.


“I would and will highly recommend your company to anyone! I appreciate that you guys treated my small wedding like it was just as important as a large one, and everyone I emailed with and spoke to on the phone was wonderful. Thank you all so much for everything!” – Amanda M.


“What I appreciated most is our DJ was willing to do exactly what we needed, and he has great customer service! I heard multiple comments all night that this was definitely ‘the best DJ ever‘” -Philip W.


“The DJ/MC sets the tone/feel for the evening and you far exceeded our expectations. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. Our Photo Booth attendant was very helpful and attentive with the Photo Booth, which was a huge hit. I understand that this was a new photobooth, and I really liked the quality and output for the photos. Our guests absolutely loved it and so did we. It’s awesome that you gave us, the bride and groom, a copy of every photo strip. Love that. We had a blast looking through them the day after the wedding.” – Alex


“The photo booth was amazing! Our guests had so much fun taking pictures in it and the attendant was so professional and nice. He made sure that our scrapbook was perfect and put together and came and found me to make sure I got it at the end of the night. Would highly recommend this company for a photo booth and any other service. Amazing service, quality, and professionalism for an awesome price!” -Katie E.


“Let’s just say “ONE MORE SONG!” was chanted several times. :)” -Annalee S.


“Our DJ took requests and worked them in just right, so there was no point where the dance floor was empty or sparse. The setup of lightsaround the room was beautiful and added to the ambiance of our night. We cannot say enough fantastic things about Complete and our DJ specifically! It truly felt like having a best friend playing our music all night!” – Cory E.


“I loved that using multiple services made planning our wedding less stressful because I could make 1 phone call to check off 3 things on my list instead of calling 3 different people to get answers.” 


“SO much more than just a photographer! She was my refuge throughout my whole wedding day. She was there to bounce ideas off of and give great advice. She would secretly slip me some water when I couldnt get away from conversations with guests. She saved my wedding dress from an impossible pizza sauce stain with some Tide To-Go. I loved this company and their customer service! Totally worth every cent!


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