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8 Modern Style Downtown Venues in Omaha


Downtown Omaha has become a hot spot for wedding venues. Additionally, a modern look is being infused into many venues in the downtown Omaha area. Here are a few downtown reception halls that you may want to take a look at for an urban meets modern wedding!


Modern Downtown Venues in Omaha

The Living Room
Capacity: 300+

The Living Room has a very open feel to it. With industrial brick, an exposed ceiling, and clerestory windows, it is very modern. Plus, the venue may be one of the most convenient venues to have a reception at. They set up/tear down tables and chairs, have an on-site event coordinator to help answer questions, and free parking for up to 400 cars. Don’t underestimate the value of free parking at a wedding venue.

The Diamond Room
Capacity: 300+

The diamond room is a very elegant yet modern looking venue. The goal of this venue is to cater to the bride and groom as much as possible. They’re willing to meet with you multiple times to make sure that the venue is set up exactly how you want it to be. The last thing they want you to do is stress about your wedding day. Trust me, at this gorgeous venue, you won’t be stressing.

One Thousand Dodge
Capacity: 200-249

One Thousand Dodge is a new venue run by a very established group of people. Abraham’s Catering runs various Omaha venues and works very well with many Omaha photographers, videographers, and DJs. The dining room is surrounded by windows and contains an exposed ceiling. One Thousand Dodge also has a room for the buffet, and a room with a bar and dance floor for your local Omaha DJ to set up in. Working with One Thousand Dodge should be a breeze as they have great people that will help guide you through the planning process.

Old Mattress Factory
Capacity: 250-299

Old Mattress Factory has a very interesting, industrial look to it. However, it still can look very symmetrical. The Omaha DJ will set up in a nice-looking location and the head table will look like it’s in just the right place. This venue works very well with any type of couple looking to get married in a modern looking building.

The Magnolia
Capacity: 250-299

The Magnolia is a beautiful venue that can be used outdoors or indoors. It offers an amazing outdoor ceremony location and a great indoor reception hall. During fair weather weddings, you can have an outdoor cocktail hour and come inside for the rest of the reception. The staff works well with other Omaha wedding photographers and DJs. The hall is kept looking pristine and brings a small, yet open and modern look. This venue is a dream site for Omaha photographers.

1316 Jones
Capacity: 250-299

1316 Jones is another venue run by Abraham’s Catering. The venue has an amazing urban vibe that provides a relaxed yet classy feel to your wedding night. Don’t forget that Abraham’s Catering venues work well with everybody. That means at this venue your Omaha DJs, Omaha photographers, and Omaha videographers will be able to work together like a well-oiled machine. All you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful wedding at this fantastic location.

Founders One Nine
Capacity: 300+

Founders feels extremely comfortable. It’s open and spacious with a great outdoor area to get some air. If you’re looking for a place to fit well over 300 guests without sacrificing a modern look, Founders One Nine is a great venue for you. It’s a very chic venue that won’t make you sacrifice guest list numbers they couldn’t attend. Combining large numbers with a modern feel is a rare find.

The Omaha Design Center
Capacity: 300+

The Omaha Design Center is a very open, chic looking space. The modern design, chandeliers above you, and curtains draped down over the walls, this venue is just simply eloquent. Along with Founders One Nine, this venue offers a large area to fit everyone on your guest list. The Omaha Design Center is well worth checking out for any couple getting married with a large guest list.

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