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How to Share Your Wedding Photos with Guests

How to Share Your Wedding Photos with Guests


One of my favorite things to do on social media is to thumb through highlights of wedding galleries. To be honest it doesn’t even have to be a wedding that I attended! Of course, the newly married couple is anxiously awaiting to see every picture in their wedding gallery! However, most guests won’t receive a full gallery of all of your wedding photos, and you may not want them to see every picture. So how should you share your wedding photos with guests?

How to Share Your Wedding Photos with Guests

Decide- Who gets what?

Ask yourself, how close am I with (insert name of guest)? For example, your coworkers may think it’s odd that you shared the entire photo gallery with them. There’s a good chance they don’t want to see every photo and will only be interested in some of the highlights that you post on Facebook. However, your mom, dad, and immediate family maybe even more excited to see every picture than you are. Determine who you want to see what before deciding how to share the photos with them.

Online Photo Galleries

For close family and friends that want to see every picture, you can easily share your wedding photographs through your online gallery! Most galleries let you share anything from a specific category like your “ceremony” or “group photos” to the whole gallery with all the categories! Most photographer online gallery sites will even let guests pick favorites and download images with a passcode.

For the friends and family that are close but not close enough to want to view all 700 pictures from your wedding, we recommend sharing specific folders or pictures. Typically galleries will let you only share specific categories or images with certain people. Not wanting to let them download your images? That’s ok, discuss with your photographer ahead of time that you want your gallery to be password protected so you have control over who gets to download what.


Facebook is an AMAZING way to casually share your favorite pictures for everyone to scroll through! Family, friends, and casual acquaintances all love looking at pictures on Facebook. Not 100% sure how to post multiple pictures or create an album on Facebook? Here’s a great article on how to navigate sharing your favorite wedding pictures. Facebook also added a feature on albums where you can add contributors that can also add images to the album. This can be a great option if you want certain family members or friends to add the pictures they took throughout the night to the album.

Wedding Website

More than likely you have already created a wedding website through The Knot, Zola, or a website similar. These websites are customizable and have a section for photos. You can easily upload your wedding images after you get back your edited photos and share them through your website with your guests.


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