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Meagan + Dylan's Stunning Wedding at Black Canyon Inn

Meagan + Dylan’s Stunning Wedding at Black Canyon Inn


Meagan and David’s wedding at Black Canyon Inn was nothing short of stunning. Against the backdrop of Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains, this couple embarked on a journey filled with joy and unforgettable moments. Join us as we dive into their stunning wedding day, capturing the essence of their unique love story and the magic of their celebration

Meagan + Dylan’s Stunning Wedding at Black Canyon Inn

The Venue

Nestled among the stunning landscapes of Colorado, Black Canyon Inn at The Boulders is an extraordinary wedding venue that promises to turn your special day into a fairytale. With its rustic charm and jaw-dropping views of the Rocky Mountains, this venue offers a one-of-a-kind backdrop for couples looking for a special wedding day. Its combination of natural beauty and cozy elegance makes it a top choice for a memorable wedding experience in the heart of Colorado’s stunning scenery.

Getting Ready

In the glow of the Colorado morning sun, Meagan and David embarked on their journey of getting ready for their highly anticipated wedding day, each in their own private spaces, savoring the moments that would lead them to their forever love story.

Meagan, surrounded by her bridesmaids, eagerly opened a heartfelt letter from David. The letter was filled with emotive words, bringing tears of joy to her eyes. After she read the letter she opened a gift from David – a stunning necklace that would be a cherished keepsake for years to come. Meanwhile, in the groom’s space, David unwrapped a gift box from Meagan. Inside, he discovered a sleek watch.

The Ceremony

With the stunning Rocky Mountains as their backdrop, Meagan and David’s wedding ceremony was filled with love and natural beauty. It was a day to celebrate their unique bond, set against the backdrop of Colorado’s stunning landscape. The couple exchanged vows and then added a touch of personalization with a sand ceremony.

Meagan had teal sand and David had purple, they poured the sand together into a single container, creating a colorful blend that symbolized their lives coming together. It was their way of saying they were in it for the long haul, ready to take on whatever life tossed their way. They sealed the deal with a kiss and walked down the aisle ready to start their lives together as a married couple.

The Reception

The reception was a whirlwind of joy and celebration, where Meagan and David shared sweet moments that they will cherish forever. As the evening unfolded, the couple shared a cupcake, symbolizing the sweet beginning of their journey. Their first dance was a beautiful, heartwarming spectacle, capturing the essence of their love story.

With laughter and anticipation, the bouquet toss and garter toss added an element of fun and playfulness, as friends and family joined in the excitement. And when the dance floor opened up, the night came alive with energetic moves and spontaneous laughter, marking the start of a new chapter filled with endless dancing and shared happiness.

Meagan + Dylan’s Wedding at Black Canyon Inn Featured Vendors

Venue: Black Canyon Inn

Photographer: David, Complete Weddings + Events

DJ: Complete Weddings + Events

Photo Booth: Complete Weddings + Events

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