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Unity Candle Ideas non-traditional

Unity Candle Ideas for Non-Traditional Couples


The lighting of a unity candle at a wedding ceremony is one of the most popular nuptial traditions across the world. However, while the idea of unity candles is very romantic and emotional, many modern couples want to avoid it because it is very conventional. We completely understand those who want to avoid this tradition because it is simply not who they are. If this is your case, don’t worry – there are authentic, non-traditional unity candle ideas that will make your ceremony memorable.

Who says you have to light one to make the beginning of your marriage meaningful? Nobody who matters; it’s your special day, after all.

Reverse unity candle lighting 

It’s okay to love a part of a tradition but not the custom as a whole. If you want to incorporate lighting a unity candle at your wedding, you can change the “rules” a little bit. Instead of including only the parents in this act, you can include all your guests as well.

Reverse unity lighting is memorable and can be the most authentic part of your ceremony. To make this happen, you must ensure that all your guests have a candle. Start by lighting one with your spouse, and then you light those of the people who are included in the wedding or those sitting in the first rows. Then the guests pass the flame to one another until all candles are lit. 

This is one of the most emotional and special unity candle ideas that will uniquely mark the beginning of your married life. 

Unity ceremony with sand 

If you want to avoid candles as a symbol of togetherness, then you can do it with sand. This is one of the most creative alternative unity ceremony ideas, perfect for couples who want to escape a traditional unity candle. The blend of two different colors of sand in one bowl or bottle represents an astonishing symbol of unity on this special occasion. 

Tree planting 

You cannot go wrong with unity ceremony ideas that literally represent new beginnings. So, why not plant a tree with your loved one and then see how the tree grows in the years to come? This is a long-lasting symbol that will represent your love for decades. 

We are all about going for something authentic and unexpected, so we really encourage opting for alternative unity candle ideas. It goes without saying that it is a wonderful tradition, but you’re not hurting anyone by slightly changing it to suit your true self! 

Tree Planting in Minnesota

The DNR in Minnesota is a great place where you can plant a tree with your loved one. Trees are truly a lifetime investment to watch and show your true love grow.


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