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Top Photo Booth Trends

Photo Booth Trends in 2024


Photo booths have become an essential part of creating an unforgettable experience and capturing memories of any event. Photo booths enhance the overall event experience by adding a touch of fun, creativity, and nostalgia for guests of all ages. It’s exciting to see the new photo booth trends that have elevated the experience of events and wedding receptions. From immersive technologies to personalized accessories, these trends have revolutionized the world of photo booths. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top photo booth trends in 2024 and ways the photo booth industry continues to evolve.

Top Photo Booth Trends in 2024: Elevating the Fun and Memories at Your Events

Augmented Reality Experiences:

Photo booths are taking a leap into the world of augmented reality (AR), offering guests an immersive and interactive experience. Instead of relying solely on physical props and backgrounds, photo booths are leveraging AR technology. This can transport guests to different virtual environments.

In addition, guests are able to choose from a wide range of digital filters, backgrounds, and interactive elements that can be seamlessly added to their photos in real time. From virtual backdrops that match the event theme to playful animations and filters that enhance the fun, augmented reality experiences are revolutionizing the photo booth industry in 2024.

No Greenscreen Required:

Green screen technology has evolved in the world of photo booths. The technology has gotten so good that no greenscreen is needed anymore. No more ugly greenscreen!  Our photo booths with this technology transport guests to different locations and settings regardless of what is behind them. A tropical beach? A bustling cityscape? A fantasy land?

Guests have the freedom to choose their desired background, creating unique and personalized photos. AI non-green screen technology makes it even easier for photo booth operators like Complete to provide a wide variety of immersive experiences for our clients. Here are three examples, but remember, we can put any high-resolution image behind your guests!

GIFs and Boomerangs:

Gone are the days of static photos in photo booths. GIFs and boomerangs are dominating the photo booth trends in 2024, offering guests a dynamic and shareable experience. Photo booths can capture a series of photos in quick succession, which will then be stitched together into a looping animation or a boomerang-style video clip. Indeed, these animated formats will add a playful and lively element to the photo booth experience, encouraging guests to share their creations on social media platforms.

Personalized Props and Accessories:

In the world of photo booths, customization is key. Therefore, as 2024 progresses, we can expect to see a rise in personalized props and accessories. Instead of a standard assortment of hats and glasses, photo booths will offer a wider selection of props that can be customized to match the event theme or the guest’s preferences.

Customizable props may include 3D-printed accessories, personalized signs, or even digital overlays that can be superimposed on the photos. These personalized props and accessories will add an extra touch of creativity and personalization to the photo booth experience.

Integrated Social Media Features:

Sharing photos on social media has become an integral part of any event experience. In 2024, photo booths have integrated social media features that make it even easier for guests to share their photos instantly. Photo booths include built-in social media sharing capabilities, allowing guests to instantly upload their photos to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat with customized event hashtags. This integration will encourage guests to share their memorable photo booth moments online, and in turn, create buzz and awareness around the event.

Interactive Touchscreen Displays:

As technology has continued to advance, photo booth displays have become more interactive and engaging in 2024. Touchscreen displays offer guests a more immersive and user-friendly experience. Guests have the ability to choose different photo layouts, apply filters in real time, and even digitally sign or add handwritten messages to their photos. Interactive touchscreen displays allow guests to be more creative and experimental, resulting in truly unique and personalized photo booth memories.

Top 2024 Photo Booth Trends

As 2024 elapses, the world of photo booths continues to make exciting advancements. Augmented reality experiences, green screen technology, GIFs, and boomerangs! Personalized props and accessories, integrated social media features, and interactive touchscreen displays! The photo booth experience has reached new heights of fun and creativity.

These trends will not only entertain guests but also provide them with extraordinary ways to capture and share their special moments. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a birthday party, these top photo booth trends of 2024 will elevate the experience, making it a highlight of any occasion.

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