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Biggest Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding Videographer in Kearney, NE


The team at Complete Weddings + Events in Kearney, NE has seen thousands of weddings combined, and when it’s all said and done, we still hear from couples about how they would do things differently or the planning mistakes they wish they could go back and correct. We often hear about the biggest mistake couples make when hiring a wedding videographer. It’s clear newlyweds are frustrated when a professional videographer was not hired, and their final footage is amateur, when they intended for a quality video. Here are some tips that will help you hire the best wedding videographer in Kearney, NE, and surrounding areas in Western and Central Nebraska.

Biggest Mistake Couples Make When Hiring a Wedding Videographer in Kearney, NE

Simply put, the biggest mistake couples admit is that they did not hire a professional videographer with wedding experience in Kearney, NE to capture their big day. If you have high expectations for your final wedding film, not hiring a wedding videographer with experience is a risky choice.

Family Favor

Sometimes friends or family members are recruited or nominate themselves to film the day and save you money by filling in for a professional videographer. This is a kind gesture, but if they’ve never filmed a wedding, or have little experience with professional cameras, we suggest they should focus on simply enjoying your big day!

While some of their raw videos can be entertaining and capture viewpoints from someone close to the couple, it may not produce the correct type of footage needed for a high-quality highlight reel you find professionals creating in the wedding industry. Plus, if they miss out on capturing your first kiss or film the vows out-of-focus, this favor is not worth the guilt they might feel in letting you down.

Not Checking Reviews

A common mistake when couples do hire videographers is that they haven’t checked the reviews on the individual or company. Reviews help you to understand if the company has been active in recent months, and has had such an influence on their clients that they felt compelled to review (whether they are good or bad)!

Whether they are positive or negative comments, reviews on places like Facebook and Google should be checked before making a decision on your videographer in Kearney, NE, and surrounding Western Nebraska cities.

Not Finalizing Wedding Day Timing With Your Videographer

No matter the videographer you choose, after making the decision, it’s important that you complete all their requested details of the day to help them fully succeed at giving you the best wedding video! Typically, your videographer will need a timeline and basic location details, that you can fill out from a provided form or when you meet in person or chat on the phone.

These timing details, along with your wants in shots, are very important for your videographer to understand what you’re looking for in the final product, and to make sure they capture everything you’re imagining. Complete Weddings + Events has online planning forms that request all the necessary details for your videographer to know what’s going on when, and make sure no important moment is missed!

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At Complete Weddings + Events, our cinematography team specializes in weddings, so we understand the amount of work that goes into your big day, and the importance of capturing the small details without missing the big moments! You’ve come to the right place if you’re hiring a wedding videographer in Kearney, NE, so contact us today to learn more about our videography packages best for your special day!

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