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Which Florida Wedding Photo Scenery Suits You?


When considering where to take your engagement photos, first look pictures, or where to stop your party bus on your wedding day for some photo ops, think ultimately about the final wedding photo results and what style suits you best as a couple. This will help narrow down the following list of Florida wedding photo scenery and guide your vision.

Wedding Photo Scenery for The Modern Couple

The modern couple is the one that wants to spin on the usual wedding party photos and engagement photos. The idea of photos in a field of flowers isn’t quite theirs. That’s why we recommend these city chic areas for inspiration.

City Skyline

If you love the city, one of the easiest ways to show that love is by showing the Jacksonville skyline! This is a great photo op for a modern couple. You can definitely make it more romantic with what you wear.


When you think of brick, you may be scared by the idea. Brick doesn’t exactly scream romantic. But there are ways to make it work for wedding photos. If your venue has an overall industrial aspect to it, brick may just be the wedding photos to look for to tie into the theme.

Streets of Downtown

An increasingly popular setting for engagement photos has been in the wonderful streets of downtown JAX. It works really well for the modern couple who wants city chic photos. A perk of having your photos taken downtown is that it allows for varying backgrounds from the streets to riverfront along St. Johns. Alleyways, and industrial areas. A barren town makes for a trendy backdrop that may be filled with memories of you traveling through the area many times before.

Wedding Photo Scenery for The Timeless Couple

Timeless couples will usually stick to the classics. The classic scenery for any wedding or engagement photo session is mother nature. Their photos will be able to stand the test of time. That’s why these nature-inspired wedding photo scenery ideas will work best. Nature never ages and will always be relatable!

Mother Nature

The bright greenery that nature offers is unmatched. Plus, a large grouping of trees or greenery can be one of the most timeless and easy-to-find backgrounds. This will also help bring a bit of nature into your home when you are displaying your photos.


There’s something calming about riverside or oceanside photos. You’ll have room for lots of different scenery here. Some by the riverfront, some by the shore, and even in the fields of trees or grass that come along with lakes. They even make for great golden hour photos as the sun starts dipping over the water’s horizon.

Open Sky

Last but not least, open skies. Clear blue skies, dramatic clouds, or a sunset give a grand, dreamy backdrop. This one may require keeping an eye on the weather ahead of time, but it’s completely worth it once the photos come out.

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