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Ring Bearers Who Completely Stole Our Hearts


Ring bearers, traditionally a young boy, carry the wedding rings down the aisle (before the bride and flower girl walk down) during a wedding ceremony. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration, fun ideas to personalize his entrance, or simply want to click through sweet photos of adorable attendants, you’ll find that there’s plenty of ring bearers to see here!

Remember, children playing a part in your wedding only adds to the festive experience. Some ring bearers, especially first-timers, may be shy at first, while others will be super excited about their roles. With a smile on their face or not, whichever camp your guy falls into, he will be sure to impress all your guests. Need proof? Check out the cutest ring bearers below. We know the dapper suits get us every time too!

The Ring Bearers Duty

Traditionally a ring bearer is a young boy whose job is to be in charge of the rings (or fake rings) and carry them down the aisle. The ring bearer typically will wear an outfit similar to the groomsmen, or they can wear an outfit that is unique to them! Traditionally he will enter before the flower girl, but sometimes both the ring bearer and flower girl will walk down the aisle together.

Pairs of Ring Bearers!

What’s cuter than one ring bearer? Two (or more)! We love these matching outfits, and having a buddy to walk with you down the aisle can help keep their confidence up to avoid being camera and audience shy when the spotlight is just on you! Having an older ring bearer paired with a younger one can also help out to ensure the older one can help guide the younger boy down the aisle.

Each ring bearr can also be designated a sign, pillow, or briefcase, making each child feel important with their duty for the day!

Alternatives to a Traditional Ring Bearer

Having a ring bearer at your wedding isn’t a necessity, but it’s a fun way to incorporate young kids into your big day. If you are having an adult-only wedding or don’t have any young kids that you would like to be a part of your wedding day, we have some alternatives that you could try instead!

  1. Have your pet carry the rings down the aisle. This is a fun way to incorporate your fur babies into your big day. If you decide to have a pet be the ring bearer, make sure you have duplicates in case they fall or your pet decides to run!
  2. Include other members into your wedding day to be your ring bearer such as a grandfather! Your family members will be honored to be included in your big day and that way you are getting to include everyone who is closest to you!
  3. If you don’t have any little boys to be your ring bearer, have a little girl ring bearer. You could use a niece or goddaughter if there are no boys in the family. Girls could wear a pretty dress or cute suit to carry the rings down the aisle!

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