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Biggest Wedding Day Regrets Couples Have


There is so much planning that goes into your wedding day. Whether you’re talking about how many wedding photos you looked at trying to find the right photographer or the numerous food tastings you’ve attended, you’ve put a lot into this wedding. With all this in mind, you want to make sure you’re making all the right choices when planning! We’ll go over the biggest wedding regrets couples have to help you avoid those same mistakes!

Biggest Wedding Day Regrets Couples Have

Skipping Videography

Videography is more of a “want” on most people’s list rather than a “need”. It’s certainly understandable that you aren’t going to need EVERYTHING when planning your wedding, however, videography should be near the top of the list for most people. When you have a videographer capture your wedding you’ll always have the ability to not only remember how everyone looked that day like in the photos, but how they sounded, moved, what they said, etc. Photos are always a “need” on most people’s list and it’s very understandable, but videography certainly brings so many things that you just aren’t going to capture on a still image.

Know Where to Spend

Time and money are the two resources that are spent on wedding planning and money is often times the one that becomes the bigger issue as wedding costs can balloon in the blink of an eye. So, there’s no denying you’ll be looking to make up the difference somewhere, somehow and there are some things that you won’t regret saving on while others you may be wishing you’d splurged a bit for. For starters, the food and entertainment should always be first priority. If the food and entertainment is no good, your wedding will likely be in trouble altogether since those are typically the most noticeable pieces of the wedding.

Secondly, photography and videography will be your way of remembering your wedding. Imagine the memories of your wedding day kept in blurry photos and a poorly shot and edited video. You’re always going to appreciate having a bit more spent on photo and video while you may seriously regret saving money on these crucial wedding vendors!

Know Where to Save

Now that we’ve gone over the areas you should spend some cash on, we can go over where you can safely save some money. Things like décor, table centerpieces, and signage are certainly doable as DIY projects as long as your clever and crafty enough to make these things look nice. Pinterest and Instagram can truly become your best friend when putting things like this together.

Leaving For the Honeymoon Right Away

After all the wedding planning and stress that you’ve likely dealt with over the planning process, you’re sure to be anxious to escape reality for a bit. However, it’s always good to leave a day or two in between your wedding and the honeymoon. Trust us, you’re going to want to spend at least a day getting packed and sleeping off some of the previous week’s busy schedule.

Worrying Too Much About the Little Things

Alright, this one seems way too obvious, but we’d regret not mentioning it. It’s so, so easy to get caught up in the little things, especially when you have vendors, family members, planners, etc. asking about every little detail for months. It’s important to be detail-oriented when planning but worrying too much about every little thing can pull your attention away from what’s important that day. For example, it’s important that you are detailed with your vendors so that the music is correct, the flowers are placed correctly, and everything is in order. However, Uncle Joe will inevitably sit in the wrong spot and move his place card. You just aren’t able to control everyone unfortunately so it’s important to simply let those little things go.

Uncomfortable Attire

One thing so many people overlook is how comfortable they are in their attire the day of their wedding. Of course, you’re going to want to look FANTASTIC, it’s your wedding day after all! However, if you are uncomfortable the whole day you’re going to be miserable. Many couples will now have two sets of clothes, one for the formalities, most of the pictures, and ceremony, then some clothes for the reception and dancing. Have you ever tried doing the Wobble in Jimmy Choo heels? It doesn’t typically end well.

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