Ways to end your wedding reception

Ways to End Your Wedding Reception


There are many exciting things to consider when planning your wedding. Choosing décor, flower arrangements, food for guests, and the ideal DJ or photographer to create and capture the moments that will last a lifetime; can be both overwhelming and exciting. In the face of all the beautiful and exciting things you may have planned for your perfect day, it is difficult to imagine it ending. Alas, the sun never fails to set (hopefully you capture some lovely sunset photos), and the best day must come to an end. There are many ways to end your wedding reception that will leave you and your guests satisfied, creating memories that will last longer than the day itself. Take a look!

Share A Romantic Finish with Friends & + Family

Your wedding day should honor and celebrate the love you have for your spouse, and there’s no better way to do that than to share an enchanting last dance to crown the evening. Communicate with your Grand Forks wedding DJ, band, or musicians to organize a “circle salute” with all of your guests. You could encore your first dance song again as a special “last dance” with everyone surrounding you, like bookends to the perfect day. Or, if you and your fiancé aren’t fans of the spotlight being turned on yourselves all night, you could have your guests wait outside as you share a sequestered final dance just between each other.

Light Up the Night with Cheer + Delight!

Why not conclude your celebration with a burst of joy that represents the fire of your love? A sparkler sendoff with guests lighting your path out of the venue is a classic way of bringing a little dash of spectacle to your grand exit. If you want to go even more extravagant, consider a short firework display if your location allows it.

Always be sure to check for laws surrounding fireworks or burn bans in your area, and always check the weather beforehand. If the conditions are favorable, sparklers and fireworks are a perfect way to ensure an explosive end to the joyous occasion!

If loud noises, flames, and waste are a concern, but you still want that extra sparkle; look into renting cold sparks for a flashy exit. Cold sparks use non-flammable elements to produce sparkler-like effects that are safe indoors with minimal waste. You can light the way out the door using a few bright flashes of cold sparks if your venue allows.

You can go anywhere, but you can’t stay here!

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t want the night to end! Although children, parents, senior guests, or vendors may want to call it quits; you can still take the party elsewhere. Consider a venue located within walking distance of popular bars and nightclubs. Or, consider renting out a party bus or limousine that can take you and your guests from the nightlife and back to their hotel or lodging safely.

You care about the safety of your guests, so lining up transportation back to their hotels or rental spaces is key to having a smooth ending to your party.

Ribbon Wands

Also known as streamers or wedding wands, ribbon wands make a fun and festive way to head off on your way as newlyweds. Ribbon wands are completely customizable in color, size, and length. They are also a fun bonus wedding favor for your guests!

Consider these popular ribbon wand ideas:

  • Choose your school colors.
  • Using your wedding colors is a personal favorite of mine.
  • Black & White for Team Bride and Team Groom.
  • Multi-colored for a joyful splash of celebration.

You could also use a twist on this with customized mini flags or pennants. The options literally are endless when it comes to a ribbon wand send-off.

Making The Most Of It

If you can’t decide between a softhearted and romantic conclusion or a fiery and sensational finisher; you can always create a blend of both. Enjoy a pleasant last dance with your partner alone, then exit to join all your friends and family outside for an extravagant firework show!

In the end, your wedding should be uniquely yours. Have fun mixing and matching the various options. Remember, the perfect ending to your wedding is also the perfect beginning to happily ever after!

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