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Questions to Ask Your Homecoming DJ

When choosing a DJ for your Homecoming, of course you’re going to want someone with all the right traits to guarantee a successful, entertaining experience for all of your guests.  But, what questions should be asked and exactly what topics should be discussed?  We’ve compiled a list of questions to inquire about during the interviewing process in order to really understand the quality of service that the company offers and what level of experience they have before booking your date.  We’ve also provided our answers.

What makes you stand apart from your competitors?

It’s no secret that this industry is very saturated!  For COMPLETE, what makes us stand out is our interactivity and customer service.  Anybody can play a great song.  And let’s face it, your students are going to request music all night.

  • We are entertainers.
  • We get involved in the line dances like The Wobble and Cupid Shuffle.
  • We organize dance contests
  • We love using glow sticks and props to increase the energy level of the night

Do you offer MC services?

Not always do clients consider the MC portion of the event, and some companies charge an additional MC fee.  At COMPLETE, these services are included with your package.

  • Our MCs are very well organized
  • We have proper microphone technique
  • We are comfortable with public speaking

Do you use pre-determined play lists?

Most other companies will send out their DJs with a pre-set list of music and advise them not to deviate. This means the same songs are played at every school. For us, we get to know the you and your student’s musical preferences and will play songs throughout the evening based upon that insight. You will never hear us play the exact same list at every Homecoming.

We specialize in “trending”. This is when we observe your students to see what songs and genres of music they are most liking. We then select the next song based on what they are enjoying the most.  Also, we do not allow for “dead air”.  Our DJs have DJ’d at Miami nightclubs so they know how to mix the hotness.

Can we submit a “Do Not Play “ List?

Any company that is respectful of your requests should be open to a “Do Not Play” List.  Let’s be honest, we all have at least one song that we really don’t care to listen to.  Whether it’s because the song stirs up bad memories or simply because you find it annoying, the DJ should keep track of which songs you choose to eliminate and honor those wishes.

What services are included in the cost?

Most other companies will charge by the hour and then extra for lighting, MC services, the use of their microphones, gratuity, taxes, mileage, on and on. Make sure to request an exact list of packages and services and ask about additional fees.

  • We do not have hidden fees.
  • Microphone is included
  • Lighting is included
  • Set-up & Breakdown is part of your package
  • There are no hidden taxes, and gratuity is appreciated NOT demanded!

Are you insured?

Legitimate businesses will carry insurance as well as be registered with the Secretary of State.  Some venues require that a DJ carries insurance in order to provide services at their establishments.  Make sure that your DJ is not simply DJing as a side project or hobby.

  • We have $1 million liability insurance
  • We can provide a copy to your venue

Why should we hire you?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your Homecoming DJ.  I’m honored to be considered.

You should choose COMPLETE because we care about the success of your Homecoming.  In fact, the schools that hire us end up being repeat clients

  • We are involved and communicate through the entire process.
  • Our DJs are talented, energetic, friendly and professional
  • Everyone will have a blast at your Homecoming

Thank you for considering COMPLETE for your Homecoming.  Click Here to see our current pricing.