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Don’t Cancel! Postpone


I know that you are faced with the reality that your special day may not go off as planned. The coronavirus and social distancing are forcing many couples to change their plans despite months or even years of planning.

But all of the experts agree. DO NOT cancel your nuptials, instead, you should postpone the festivities.

Don’t Cancel! Postpone

The most important thing is to remember the reason for a wedding is to marry the love of your life. The coronavirus pandemic does not change the fact that you love that person and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

You still have options to “make it official” with your soulmate.

Consider having a Micro Wedding as explained by another blog. Micro Wedding combined with Live Streaming means everybody you wanted to attend can still attend in one way or another.

If reducing your guest count is not an option then postponing is another alternative.

Talk to your vendors and keep them updated.

Start with your venue. Find out the available days and try to be flexible. We realize that a Saturday sunset wedding is the most optimum. However, that may not be possible.

Consider rescheduling it to a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday. I know a Thursday wedding does not sound all that attractive but Veteran’s Day is on a Wednesday, Independence Day is observed on a Friday this year so having a Thursday evening wedding means people will not have to cut out early. Labor Day and Columbus day are on a Monday, so those are good dates for a Sunday wedding.

Don’t forget to keep your guests updated. If you already sent the invitations or save the dates, they have your wedding on their calendar. It’s not rude to send an email notifying them that things are going to change. Consider having a video save the date created.

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